RVE 183: The Power of Keeping Your Business Small

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Jonathan runs FortySeven Media, a web design and development shop, and has traveled across the country with his family of four in an Airstream for more than four years.

And while we talk a lot about Jonathan’s business in this episode, what I loved most about our conversation was this idea of balance.

As an entrepreneur, it’s all too easy to put your head down and work, work, work. But that’s not what life is about. In this episode, Jonathan and I talk about striking a balance between work and play. For Jonathan, one day he and his business partner realized how much time they were spending working on client projects instead of enjoying the fact that they had built a business that allowed them to work together. They were so in the zone on separate projects that they weren’t getting to actually work together.

So they started “The Kick Awesome Show.” A fun video project where they could just goof off and act like idiots (his words, not mine!)

It was a creative outlet, something fun for them to show off their personalities. And this fun little side project helped them find new customers too.

We dig into all this and more in today’s episode. Enjoy!

What we talk about in this episode:

  • The power of keeping your business small
  • “The Kick Awesome Show” and how a fun project can help you attract customers
  • Why you should have a side project that fills you up
  • How to connect with potential customers by sounding like a real person online
  • Strategies for avoiding burn out
  • Finding the balance between working on the details and the high-level of your business
  • Their Airstream renovation—and how it affected his business

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