RVE 175: What It’s Like Full-Time RVing as a 15-Year-Old World-Class Kayaker

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Abby Holcombe is easily one of the most impressive people I know—and she’s only 15.

Abby recently won 4th place at the World Championships for Freestyle Kayaking, she is the youngest person to ever kayak the Grand Canyon, and she’s been RVing full-time since she was 10 years old. You may remember Abby if you watched the videos from our 2018 RVE Summit where Abby opened our conference sharing her story of what it was like kayaking the entire Grand Canyon—at only 12 years old.

Together with her parents, the Holcombe’s spend over 300 days a year on the water doing what they love—kayaking.

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I wanted to bring Abby on the show to hear more of her story and everything she’s accomplished because her parents decided to uproot their life in Colorado in favor of life on the road. Deciding to move into an RV with your family can be a stressful decision, but the Holcombe’s have used RVing to live their ideal every day. Which right now means they are RVing in their Winnebago in Norway. Norway!

Photo credit: Peter Holcombe

This episode has me inspired and excited to fly to Italy next month and start traveling with Ellie. Hey maybe in 15 years I’ll be watching her compete at Worlds!

What we talk about in this episode:

  • Abby’s reaction when her parents decided to move into an RV
  • How Abby handles making friends on the road
  • What it was like kayaking the Grand Canyon the first time
  • Abby’s experience competing at Worlds
  • What it’s like RVing Europe
  • How Abby has found unschooling to be a better option than homeschooling
  • Abby’s speaking career and her plans for the future
  • Being a sponsored athlete and finding ways to fund her trip to Worlds

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You can follow Abby on Instagram at @adventurous.miss