RVE 174: DIY Music Tour: How Ken & Ellisa Played Over 160 Shows in a Year

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After living and working in the Bay Area, the high cost of living and monotony of their work gave Ken and Ellisa the idea to hit the road. Ellisa’s bandmates were all moving on to different stages of life and Ken always had a love of music—together they decided to play shows across the country. Over 160 shows in a year actually! 

In this episode, we really dive into how to build a nationwide tour without a label or a massive online following. One of the biggest insights in this episode for any musicians listening would be the different ways Ken and Ellisa find venues (links listed below!), especially when you’re touring and visiting places where you’ve never been before. 

What we talk about in this episode:

  • The difficulty of building a fan base that attends live shows
  • Learning to perform without a seven-member band behind you
  • The best ways to find venues 
  • How networks like Sofar Sounds work
  • The success of house shows
  • How to get your songs licensed in tv shows or movies
  • How living in an RV has affected their relationship
  • The one piece of advice they would give fellow musicians who want to travel full-time

Links mentioned in this episode:

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