RVE 170: Live from RVE Summit: Electric and Accessibility Enhanced RVs

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Today’s episode was recorded live from our RV Entrepreneur Summit that we hosted in March at Lake Guntersville State Park. In this interview, I sat down with Jamie Sorenson, who runs the Advanced Technology team at Winnebago, to talk about their new innovations in RV design.

One thing that has been cool about hosting our conference has been interacting with people and companies who are truly working on amazing things in the RV space. One effort that I’ve been able to learn a bit more about over the past year has been the push by this small team at Winnebago to create a movement of Accessibility Enhanced vehicles, essentially opening up the RV life for people with disabilities who otherwise may not be able to travel.

While the company has done custom modifications to RVs by adding things like wheelchair ramps for decades, this team actually is working to manufacture AE vehicles in bulk so that you can drive up to any lot across the country and buy one — making adventures available to everyone.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • How Winnebago validated the market for their new line of Accessibility Enhanced RVs
  • Stories of how these RVs are already making a difference in the market
  • Other types of innovative RVs and technologies that Winnebago is working on
  • The future of electric RVs, solar, and more

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