RVE 171: Building a Brand That Can Outlast Amazon Competition

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On today’s episode, I chat with Jenni Reichert about how instead of just creating another Amazon dropshipping business, she decided to build a brand that can outlast the ebbs and flows of Amazon competition. We dig into the beginnings of her business Baja Baby, which started as a baby product rental company and grew to include her own line of organic baby products, and also what it has been like to transition this business for life on the road.

My only personal experience in selling on Amazon is through Alyssa’s book. But from my chat with Jenni, I realized that when you start selling on the platform, there are two common paths that people take: one is to basically find a manufacturer who is already creating a product, white label it, and start working to get reviews and essentially create a better Amazon listing than the competition.

The only problem Jenni saw with this approach was that it doesn’t safeguard you long term. It’s incredibly easy for someone else to replicate your efforts and while it makes more money faster — it’s not necessarily a longterm play. Instead of just creating another white label product, Jenni decided to turn Baja Baby into a brand that stands out and has factors that are harder to rip off and copy, like gaining unique certifications for organic products that are expensive and time-consuming to achieve and creating her own ingredient combinations in her baby shampoos.

These have cost more and she could have made more money in the shorter time period, but it’s the intentional decision to have a brand versus just have another storefront on Amazon.

What we talk about in this episode:

  • How Jenni got the idea to start a baby product rental business
  • What you need to do to start and build an Amazon brand that lasts
  • What goes into creating the formulas for organic baby products
  • How Jenni has transitioned her business to fit the RV lifestyle

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