RVE 172: How Joe Turned Youtube from a Hobby into a Profitable Business

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Today I’m bringing back Joe Russo to the podcast, who you may remember from back in episode 111 when I interviewed him and his wife, Kait.

When Joe and Kait first started RVing, they had no intentions of making money on the road. But then they started a Youtube channel as a hobby which quickly turned into a business… A business with MILLIONS of views on their van life videos.

One of my favorite parts of this episode? When Joe breaks down how he took his Youtube channel from a hobby to a business and the three things that made the biggest difference:

  1. Finding his brand voice
  2. Creating consistent content
  3. Setting business hours to work on Youtube

We also cover a few of the challenges that come with treating Youtube as a business like lowering and managing your burn rate and finding ways to diversify your income. Plus Joe shares the one thing you need in order to really make money as a content creator.

There’s a ton of great wisdom from Joe in this episode and I hope you enjoy it!

What else we talk about in this episode:

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