Update from the Padgett’s from Wyoming, America

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update from wyoming

Today, we celebrate 60 full, long, rewarding days of travel with a $4 bottle of pinot noir and fresh avocados (we are splurging)!

Here some quick stats since we left Texas:

States visited: 10

Jobs worked: 9

Mountain ranges: 4

Oceans: 1

Moose-sightings: 1

How many days since I’ve had a real shower: 5

Bowls of popcorn consumed: 52

Days until Christmas (when we finish the lower 48): 151


I’m currently lying in our loft trying to catch a breeze through the open windows. Heath is passed out asleep on our couch.


When we woke up in Grand Teton National Park this morning, our RV was a wonderful 45 degrees. Maybe you’re sweating right now thinking, “Wow, 45 degrees sounds pretty good.” Well I assure you, it was good only compared to the 39 degrees outside. By good, here I mean never-leaving-bed COLD.


The odd thing about Wyoming is that the 39-degree morning is now a 93-degree day. We spent the morning in sweats and just took a dip in the lake to cool off.


That’s one thing I’ve learned since leaving Texas. Everywhere else you travel, the water always feels like ice. It’s like Barton Springs, but with mountain views. Despite the frigid temperatures, we willingly waded into the water to wipe away the dirt from our 5-mile hike this morning. 5 miles, uphill both ways, I swear.


Since my last update post, I’ve filmed a conference, visited glaciers, seen a bear, and visited one of the largest volcanoes in the world. Moreover, I hiked five miles today and I can still stand (kind of). The past week and a half has been split between national and state parks, which means a lot of dry camping and being outdoors. Dry camping means no air conditioning, hence why I’m lying in the loft, praying for a slight breeze to flit through this forest. I might need to jump in the lake again.


There is more beauty to America than I ever imagined. Yellowstone alone showed me terrain and phenomena I never knew existed. Slowly, I’m becoming an advocate for our country.


It’s funny. You know who I’ve seen the most of on this trip? Germans. Germans and the French, and a handful of Canadians. There are just as many if not far more international guests frequenting our national beauties than there are Americans. It’s a little absurd. We need to see our country! It is truly the most beautiful country in the world.

Here are some suggested destinations:


The Grand Canyon

The Pacific Coast Highway – California and Oregon

Glacier National Park

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Missoula, Montana

Yellowstone National Park

The Grand Tetons

Jackson, Wyoming


Austin, Texas: Because nothing is better than Texas.

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  • I love the last one! maybe one day Dad and I can take that loop trip that he has always dreamed of…it would hit most of these places..

    • I recommend it. Y’all should look into Cruise America for y’all’s next vacation. We see them EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t seem too pricey to do and you could save money on lodging and restaurants that way. I’m all about advocating for the RV life now 🙂

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