What It’s Like Freedom Camping in New Zealand NZ Ep. 6

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freedom campingBack in the states, most people we meet want to learn how to save money on camping. How can you camp for free? Where can you boondock? If you do boondock, where do you dump your sewer?

After our first week of campervanning in New Zealand, I can say that it is a hundred times easier to free camp (or freedom camp, as the Kiwis call it) here than it is back home.


New Zealand is meant to be seen by campervan. Camping is a huge part of the tourism industry here and each town goes to great lengths to accommodate campers. There is designated camper parking, public toilets, and even dump stations in each town.

And then there’s freedom camping. Freedom camping is the same thing as boondocking in the states. It’s where you camp without hookups, usually, but not always, for free and usually, but not always, far away from humans. And there are hundreds of freedom camping areas on the islands.

Here on the south island, we’ve camped at quite a few different freedom camping sites and paid about $28 total over a week of camping. I love it! New Zealand is known for being expensive, so the free camping is a welcome change of pace.

In today’s vlog, Heath and I share how our Wilderness Motorhome rental handles freedom camping and, if you watched episode 5, we answer the question: Did it snow?!?!

Resources mentioned in this episode:
CamperMate app (seriously AMAZING!)
Rankers app (I prefer CamperMate, but Heath has used this one too)

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