My 3 Favorite RV blogs

My 3 Favorite RV blogs

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I feel like I should preface this blog, just by telling you that I honestly don’t read a lot of RV blogs, travel blogs or any types of blogs. Period. I read a ton of books, I listen to podcasts– but I don’t read a lot of blogs. That being said, there have been a select few RV blogs that I’ve consistently referenced, either for inspiration or guidance, since we starting living in an RV.

I wanted to share those blogs with you so that if you’re looking for a specific kind of RV knowledge or inspiration, you know where to look. Below I’ve outline some of my favorite articles and quotes from my three favorite RV blogs.

(P.S I’m also working on a list of full-time RVers who work on the road. See the bottom of this post.)

1. Gone With WynnsRV blog- GoneWithTheWynns

“We quickly learned that the typical…boy meets girl, couple gets mortgage payment, 60 hour work weeks, 2 ½ kids, two weeks of vacation a year and if you survive, retire at 60… sounds exhausting and it isn’t our version of the American Dream.” – The Wynns

Our favorite RV travel bloggers that you should follow to learn how to join RV life.Website (and above photo, courtesy of)-

Jason and Nikki Wynn are a big deal in the RV blog space. I know it’s not all that big of a space, but this couple has helped serve RVers in a HUGE way for the past several years. They’ve released tons of Youtube videos, blog articles, and amazing Instagram photos that serve to inspire fellow RVers and teach them what they need to know about living an adventurous lifestyle on the road.

As a newbie film maker and video guy, I also envy Jason for his awesome video making skills. The guy shoots some solid video.


A few of my favorite reads from their website:

Why they made the list?

  • They’re just a normal couple who have shared the RV lifestyle with hundreds of thousands of people.
  • I believe they are helping to modernize an industry that needs a few cobwebs knocked off (that’s an understatement).
  • They care about the environment. All of the RV’s the Wynn’s have owned have had some form of green energy. Now that we have a bit newer of a rig I would like to add some solar panels, exclusively because I’ve seen how valuable they can be from watching their videos.
  • They care about building community. On there are probably thousands of comments and most all of them have some form of response from Jason or Nikki. This, in my eyes, speaks volumes that they not only care enough about producing engaging content for people but take the time to respond to what their fans and friends have to say.
  • They’ve done an amazing job of compiling examples in their make money and travel series on how people have created income for themselves on the road.

2. Ditching Suburbia

rv blog- ditchingsuburbia

“Rather than a ticket to greater personal worth, the house became a needy anchor – demanding our attention, time and money while keeping us stuck in one geographic location.”

Website (and above photo, courtesy of)-

I met Michael Boyink (the father) in the picture last fall when I interviewed him for my upcoming RV podcast around building an income while traveling. We had an awesome time talking about how he’s created this amazing life for his family on the road and how they were able to make that transition from the suburbs to full-time RVing (hence the name of his blog– Ditchingsuburbia). You can listen to a snippet of that interview here.

A few of my favorite reads from their website

Why they made the list?

  • Whether you can or cannot travel with kids is a huge question, DitchingSuburbia tackles a lot of the issues related to family RV living.
  • They’ve inspired me to take my future kids on the road one day. Just being able to hear about all the amazing experiences they’ve been able to create for their kids is incredible.
  • They are another inspiring story of someone who has been able to make the transition from a sticks and bricks home to living a nomadic lifestyle.
  • They have done an amazing job of intentionally connecting and supporting other full-time families.
  • They have an awesome logo (okay, this isn’t a real reason. But it is cool, check it out!)

3. Technomadia

rv blog- technomadia

“We love being in control of our pace to match our desires. No rental agreements to break, no escrow to close, no reservations, no itinerary to follow or pre-plan. It’s a unique kind of freedom.”

Website (and above photo, courtesy of)-

Alyssa and I got to meet Cherie and Chris this past fall in Austin, Texas at a little get together. We all hung out, toured their awesome bus conversion and I got to hear about their epic adventures and how long they’ve been at this RV lifestyle. After meeting them I did more research and read up on more of their blogs and realized just how awesome these two are. They met on the road and have been posting and sharing awesome RV related blog content for years. They even created an online school for mobile internet as well.

A few of my favorite reads from their site:

Why they made the list?

  • Cherie and Chris have worked to tackle one of the biggest issues that pops up around the RV lifestyle (mobile internet). The free and paid resources they put out there for people will absolutely help you learn or thing or two on how to stay connected.
  • They’ve played a pivotal role in launching two huge RV resources- Xscapers and RVillage
  • They do an awesome job of connecting the RV community, by compiling lists of other young RV full-timers (totally got the idea for creating this blog from reading their site).
  • They’ve done an epic conversion of their 1961 bus, check it out here.

I compiled this short list because of how beneficial these three blogs have been to both Alyssa and I over the past year. I’m also planning to put together another list, similar to the Technomad’s that you can find here, of working full-time RVers that I’ve met on the road!

If you know someone, or are someone, who is a full-time RVer that’s working on the road and they should be on that list. Leave a comment below with a link, would love to add them!




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  • Thanks for including our site – that’s pretty good company! We’ve met Chris and Cherie a couple of times – but have only had near-misses with Jason & Nikki.

    • Of course Michael! Glad to know you and sorry I missed what looked like an awesome hang out in Austin. How long will you guys be in town? I think we’ll be there on February 3rd for a couple days.

      • We’ll be in Boerne yet during that time, up to Austin mid-Feb, then back down to Bulverde for a month. Let us know when the date gets closer..we could swing up that way again.

        • My husband and I plan to live in the Bulverde/Spring Branch area once we get our RV, before starting our travels!

          • Cool deal! We’ll be at the Texas 281 RV park for a month with another traveling family. We’d be happy to have you out for a meal & rig tours.

  • Thanks for sharing! It’s really cool to know someone new, to get new inspires and ideas.

  • I’ve used your site quite a few times for ideas as we prepared and started our travel last year. So thank you.

    We also live full time in an RV while working remotely. Check out our site at! We had to redo our website entirely over the holidays so we’re still playing catch up re-posting the places we’ve already been, but it’ll get caught up soon.
    -Taren & Dan

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