tour wilderness motorhome

Video Tour of Our Wilderness Motorhome Rental (And all the reasons we LOVE this rig!)

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We’ve been raving about this motorhome mostly because it’s AMAZING.

So we thought we’d take you on a tour of our Wilderness Motorhome Rental:

Quick Specs

Engine: Fiat Ducato 2.3L Turbo Diesel
Length: 7.0 meters
Fresh Water: 120L cold, 10L hot
PS You can check out all the specs on Wilderness’ website here.

Our Favorite Features of this Motorhome

1. The Wet Bath that isn’t really a wet bath.

Heath is visibly stoked to show you the bathroom in this video because it’s the absolute coolest part of this tiny rig! 10/10 as Heath says.

I’ve never been a fan of wet baths, since they kind of ruin the peacefulness of a shower. You’re basically showering on the toilet. So to have the luxury of a huge shower PLUS the privacy of a shower with the convertible wall is incredible. (Dear every RV manufacturer, please do this back in America!)

2. Built-in Wifi giving us the ability to write this blog on the side of the lake surrounded by snowcapped mountains.

Internet for RVers is a HUGE struggle. It’s been something we’ve talked about with RV manufacturers a lot over the past year, but this RV is the first one we’ve seen with built-in wifi. The real kicker is the speed though! It’s crazy fast and we have service almost everywhere.

3. The huge extendable table that makes entertaining easy.

Finding a large workspace is a challenge for most RV entrepreneurs. The giant extendable table has been plenty of room for both Heath and I to work at the same time on our laptops.

4. “The floor lighting in this rig is incredible.” -Heath 

A lot of RVs have really harsh lighting in the ceiling. This rig has strips of lights under all the cabinets and countertops that give the room a homey glow instead of bright overhead lights. Heath is obsessed with the “great ambiance” the “mood lights” provide.

*Quotes used because Heath literally says these phrases daily.

5. Full-length mirror 😍

Not to sound like the 27-year-old white girl that I am, but sometimes you need a full-length mirror. Do these shoes go with this dress? I don’t know! In my American RV, I have to ask Heath cause I don’t have a full-length mirror.

I use this mirror daily and I’m only slightly ashamed to admit it.

6. There is storage in the most brilliant places.

Under the floorboards, under the beds, under the steps, above the cab, built into the wall—every space has storage options. There’s even a cubby underneath the table, though we haven’t found a use for it yet.

7. Last but not least, the convertible bed.

I thought I would miss our king-sized bed, but we’ve loved the twin bed to king bed option. So far we’ve mostly kept our beds separate because we love the nightstand tablespace between the beds as a place where we can leave our phones, Kindles, and water bottles. Weirdly, every time we make the bed into a king, we end up sleeping on our twin beds anyway! So I think we’ll probably keep them separated for a while.

Needless to say, we obviously love this rig and can’t wait to get into something smaller when we get back to the states!