So we kind of got a new RV…

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This week we’ve been driving across the prairies of Manitoba and Saskatchewan as we head for the mountains, but Canadian wildfires are putting a damper on our plans. Air quality has been terrible and we’ve been stuck inside to avoid the smoke. (Check out this drone video on our Instagram to see just how smoky it was even 1,000 miles away from the fires!)

One thing you’ll notice in that video is we aren’t in our Winnebago.

This summer we are partnering with Go RVing Canada to show off all the best things to do in the western half of Canada. Our first stop as soon as we crossed the border was Leisure Travel Vans manufacturing plant to see how the classiest B+ vans on the market are built.

We asked our friends at Leisure if we could borrow their new Wonder RTB van for just a week as we explored Manitoba and we were through the roof excited when they said yes!

But then, Heath being Heath, did this an hour after we drove away:

(There is probably a lesson here about the power of not being afraid to ask.)

After our weeklong adventure in the Wonder, we went back to LTV headquarters, loaded up on warm clothes and supplies for the next three months, put our Winnebago in storage, and started driving west!

It’s been a crazy couple weeks, to say the least!

We decided to take the Wonder across Canada for a few reasons:

1. Heath is OBSESSED with Leisure Travel Vans and has wanted one for years. I always told him I could never live in an RV that small, but after New Zealand, even I fell in love with the B+ size vans.

2. It’s crazy fuel efficient. One thing that we’ve always struggled with on the road is the high cost of gas. While I’d like to think that living tiny has reduced our carbon footprint in many ways, I know that we burn through a ton of gas in our big motorhome. So far in the Wonder, we’re running at about 15 mpg. That’s more than twice as efficient as our big rig.

3. It’s Canadian! In New Zealand, Heath and I fell in love with the idea of RVing all over the world. New Zealand, Australia, Iceland, Canada, Mexico—anywhere where RVing is a thing, we want to do it. It’s a long list! And while we can easily RV across Canada in our Winnebago, I’d like to think our experience will be that much richer in a Canadian RV. It certainly makes the conversion to kilometers easier, if nothing else.

So we’ll be adventuring across Canada through the end of October in a 24-foot Leisure Travel Van Wonder RTB (Rear Twin Bed). You can check out more details about the Wonder and our tour across Canada here.

This is our third time to RV in the Canadian Rockies— the first time we drove to Alaska, second time we explored Banff and Jasper—and we couldn’t be more excited to explore more of the most gorgeous part of North America.

For now we’re hoping and praying the fires are contained soon so we can breathe that fresh mountain air soon!

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