Five Awesome Things You’ll See in Hourly America

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“Methinks this will be a very borrring movie unless there are some explicit RV bedroom scenes.”   -anonymous commenter

This is quite possibly my favorite comment of all time. I cannot stop laughing when I read it.

I have no idea who wrote it, but this comment was posted on the People Magazine article that recently came out sharing our story. I’m not too surprised that the People audience would have this type of comical reaction to our documentary. After all, our story was tucked in between multiple articles about the Kardashians.

This unknown commenter hit on my biggest fear for Hourly America: that it will totally, completely, mind-numbingly boring. Because much to this commenters chagrin, there will be no explicit bedroom scenes in our documentary (but for our most rated-R story that was definitely NOT captured on camera, check out last week’s blog).

While we filmed and as we edit Hourly America, Heath often asked me to watch different documentaries with him to better prepare ourselves for our film. But I always declined, or offered to watch the Office as a compromise–that’s about as close to documentary as I get. Because truthfully, a lot of documentaries are boring. So, so boring.

I’m just not a fan. Which I suppose is somewhat ironic, considering I’m currently editing and fundraising for my own documentary.

This is what I think about all the time while we edit.

Is this boring?

Will other people care?

Fortunately, our editor is doing an amazing job of making this documentary better than we ever could’ve done on our own.

So if you’re like me and you’re skeptical about watching a boring documentary about work, here’s five awesome things you’ll see in Hourly America:


1. This song: “Forget About Tomorrow” by the Bergamot, which you should listen to in the background while reading the rest of this post.

2. Then there’s Heath making this face at the camera, while I am completely oblivious:

awesome things you'll see in hourly america


3. Some seriously epic footage of the Alaskan mountain range as we flew up to basecamp for Denali.

Bonus fact: the volunteer park ranger in this photo is wearing a mask after getting frostbite on her cheeks and nose. She and the rangers behind her spent nearly a month at 14,000 feet before skiing down to basecamp at 7,200 feet, where we met up with them before flying off the glacier.

frost bite coming up mountain


4. Then there was Heath getting knocked over by a 6-inch wave.

5. And possibly your name in the credits! When you give $35 or more to Hourly America, you get your name credited as an “Associate Producer” for the film. This is our way of saying thank you for playing such a huge part in making this film happen. You are all amazing!


We just released an Hourly America mini episode about Heath’s 27th job. Check it out!


hourly america mini episode

Mark your calendars for Labor Day weekend everybody. Hourly America is coming your way! 🙂

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