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We’re selling our RV! (Plus what’s up next for us)

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Two years ago, we bought our Winnebago Brave. After traveling across the lower 48 in a 21-year-old RV, we sighed in relief that we no longer had to worry that we might break down at any given moment. We had a reliable, new RV to take us on adventures.

And it took us on so many adventures.

Merica the Brave, as we call her, took us all over the country, up to Banff in Canada and along the east coast in Maine. Mountains, deserts, beaches—we’ve seen them all. She’s been the perfect rig (mostly because of that king sized bed though).

So why are we selling her?

Because we want to be a bit more…uncomfortable.

We have a huge dinette that serves as our dining room and my office. Heath has a desk in the passenger seat for his office. Since we have opposing slide-outs, there’s enough floor space to both do yoga in the morning. We have an oven and a shower and coffee table and every comfort of a home, all of which has been great for entertaining friends and family while on the road.

However, we jumped into RV life four years ago to break out of our comfort zone. To force us to grow and experience something new. Making that jump helped us start our first business (and then our second, and our third). And now that we’ve traveled America for a few years and made our Winnebago our home, we’re a little too comfortable.

So we’re selling our RV in favor of something a bit smaller. Eighteen feet to be exact.

In less than three weeks, we’re flying across the ocean to spend our spring in New Zealand in an 18-foot camper van. Talk about leaping out of our comfort zone!

Photo via Wilderness Motorhomes

We know that when we get out of our comfort zone, incredible things can happen. I like this quote by Bear Grylls:

“Adventure should be 80 percent ‘I think this is manageable,’ but it’s good to have that last 20 percent where you’re right outside your comfort zone. Still safe, but outside your comfort zone.”

We’ll be adventuring across New Zealand for two whole months—you can watch along with our adventures on our Youtube channel—and I can’t wait for us to take on this crazy adventure.

So, we’re selling our Winnebago Brave and looking for a family, couple, solo traveler or adventurer to continue Merica’s journey. This RV has been an incredible home + adventure vehicle for us the past two years, but we’re excited to switch things up, go smaller, and do some international RV adventures.

If you’re interested in buying our RV, you can check out the listing on Craiglist here or send us an email.

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  • I am excited do see what you both decide on for your new RV!! We are currently in the research stage of purchasing and RV (which is somewhat overwhelming 😳) but we don’t want anything too massive 🙂 Do you have any top contenders yet? Congrats! Change is good 🙂

    • Thanks! We are looking at the Winnebago Fuse! We love the layout and its small enough to go almost anywhere:

  • Congrats. New Zealand is amazing. It’s gotten more commercial and developed for sure, but compared to the U.S. it’s still much more pure and wild. Don’t miss the Great Walks, do them all if you can. Kepler Trek was amazing. Queenstown used to be a sleepy town back in 2002 when I first went but it was a very commercial touristy area by 2015 when I returned. Get used to eating lots of tasty meat pies! So many cool places to visit and see. Your 18′ RV will be the biggest one on the road there. Most “RVers” are in those small Juicy vans with a pop-up bed, so you will be in comparative luxury!

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