What I Do When Heath Leaves Me Alone in the RV

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As you may know by now, Heath’s one new thing he’s learning this year is building Campground Booking, a software start up that will help facilitate online bookings for campgrounds. (Hooray for never having to call a campground three times because they never answer the phone!)

Building a start up keeps him busy and involved a quick trip up to Canada, leaving me alone in the RV for two days. And since my one thing that I’m learning this year is how to build a youtube channel, we of course had to vlog the experience!

In this video, you’ll learn super cool facts like:

  • What the capitol of Canada is
  • How to make a latte in your RV
  • How we divide household chores, like cooking meals
  • Is there snow in Canada in April?
  • How to stay fit in the RV
  • How we transport hard drives while traveling

Watch the full episode here and let me know what you think in the comments! Vlogging is still hyper-new to me and any and all feedback helps me make better, more entertaining videos! 🙂





Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about dumping our tanks or moving the RV during Heath’s quick trip (also, hopefully I never have to do those two things on my own). But I did get to enjoy an awesome week of spring in Nashville, Tennessee.

We like visiting Nashville at least twice a year and right now, it’s our number one choice for where we want to live when we “settle down.” To see where we like to camp in Nashville, check out What to Do and Where to Camp in Nashville.

PS You can read the blog I’m writing in this video here: 11 Reasons Why You Should Be Location Independent

Filmed on the iPhone 6s and the Canon G7X Mark II Music by Joakim Karud 

Additional music: Bensound (a great place to find free starter tracks for youtubers!)

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  • Ha! That a was a great little video, guys! Made me chuckle. Heath, hope the presentation went well!!

  • Nice. Loved the video. Nashville is such a fun city and only was there half a day. Went to the cool eclectic shop by the American Pickers guy and ate at the famous Arnold’s or Arthur’s.. crap can’t remember but it wss great food. Been to those places? Keep rocking being alone and girl power, Alyssa. Hope Heath hasa great trip.

    • Ooh, haven’t been to either of those places but both sound good! We will have to remember that for our next visit in the fall 🙂 and thanks!

  • Hahaha great video! I lay on the floor for 10 minutes before mayyyyyybe working out too ha

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