My 3 Current Favorite Products for RV Entrepreneurs

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Every now and then I start using a new product and then I want to tell all of my friends about it.

So today’s post is dedicated to doing exactly that.

I’m sharing a few products and tools I’ve started using that have been making running our business on the road a little easier (and more ergonomically friendly).

The Nexstand

Why it’s a great tool for RV Entrepreneurs:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Great for improving posture while working
  • Makes you look super legit in coffee shops or picnic tables outside your RV

I spent months complaining to Alyssa about a tingling feeling in my arm. I tried stretches and a compression sleeve, but nothing I was doing alleviate this constant tingle in the muscles.

“I think it’s from my laptop,” I told her.

I’m pretty sure she rolled her eyes in response and said something about how I’m always wanting new toys for my desk setup (not untrue).

But I was convinced that it was my laptop that was bothering my arm so I found a laptop stand, took the keyboard and mouse from Alyssa’s iMac, and tried it out.

It was almost instant relief on my arm.

We all have probably noticed ourselves hunching over or sitting with terrible posture while working on our laptops and know that it’s probably going to give us all weird health issues when we are older.

Using a laptop stand with a keyboard and mouse brings my screen up to eye level so I’m never hunching over my screen.

The Nextstand folds up really easily and goes right into my backpack so if I’m running to a coffee shop or even sitting at the airport, it’s a great option.

Plus, at $37 it’s a fair amount less expensive than it’s rivalry (The Roost).


Why Krisp is great for RV Entrepreneurs:

  • Removes background noise (so if you need to take an important call from a coffee shop or a noisy campground)

Okay, this one has already changed the game for me. Krisp will mute and almost entirely remove background noise during your calls. I first heard of this in our RVE Facebook group and although a bit skeptical of how well it would work, I decided to give it a try.

Oh. My. Goodness.

It’s incredible.

What really sold me was that Krisp has a “try me” feature which allows me to toggle a button off and on to show how it works. During the moment I tried using it, Ellie happened to be screaming in the background.

Without Krisp, I could obviously hear her screaming. With Krisp, I couldn’t hear her at all.

I immediately signed up and have been using it on every call since. It will integrate with whatever program you’re using (for me it’s mostly Zoom) and make your calls sound 100% more professional, even if you’re dialing in from a coffee shop (or a campsite with a nearby barking dog).

You can check out Krisp for free for an entire month here (through our referral link you can get your first month free).


Why this is a good tool for RV content creators:

  • Infinitely easier way to get started podcasting than traditional software products
  • Offers the ability to insert ad placements or get listener support for your podcast
  • Can record and edit directly from a mobile device

This isn’t an RV Entrepreneur specific product, but I’ve spoken with a lot of RV friends who are interested in creating a podcast on the road to share their story or some other experience (but are struggling to figure out how to get started).

Prior to Anchor, it was a huge hassle to learn how to create a podcast. When I initially launched the RV Entrepreneur podcast it took me over two weeks to figure out how to set up my RSS feed, submit to iTunes, download the right plugin on our website, etc.

With Anchor, it makes starting a podcast ridiculously easy (also, I feel I should mention Anchor has no affiliate program so if I’m making a hard sell here, it’s because it’s genuinely a great tool). You can also click a few buttons to distribute your show to iTunes and other channels you want to be located on.

Yesterday I released my first episode using Anchor and had a lot of fun with it. I even tried Anchor’s “ad placement” feature which allows me the ability to get paired up with podcast sponsors who bid a certain CPM and if I approve the ad, I can insert it into current, future, or past episodes.

Yes, even past episodes which is kind of crazy.

Yesterday’s ad placement brought in $15 during the first day. I actually recorded an ad for Anchor because they pay $15 CPM for their ads (which is totally brilliant as a way for me to test how to use their ad integration).

Here are a few things that Anchor offers that other podcast services don’t (or that others don’t do as well):

  • The ability to trim and edit your podcast directly from your phone.
  • Easy monetization for your show. A feature where you can insert a generic ad placement onto your podcast and Anchor will then match you up with potential sponsors who can bid on that spot (you can even add this sponsor placement to previous episodes that are performing well). Monetizing podcasts takes a lot of time and energy so this is an awesome feature.
  • A way for people to leave you voicemails. A way for podcast listeners to easily leave voicemails that can be inserted into your episode. I’ve never tried this before, but unlike phone voicemails, I’m genuinely excited to get my first podcast voicemail (you can leave one for the RV Entrepreneur podcast here, if there happens to be any question you’d be interested in having me answer on the podcast!).

Plus I just love the website design.

So if you’re looking to start a podcast, I would recommend it as an awesome tool. (And like I said, I’m not an affiliate, just a new fan.)

If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty pumped about all three of these things. If you’re looking for more tools for running your business on the road, Alyssa shares six more on our blog here.

Hope you’re having a productive work week!