We’re Borrowing a Leisure Travel Van! (probably not giving it back)

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For years, Heath has been OBSESSED with Leisure Travel Vans.

In fact, any time he talks to people about RVs, he ends up saying “Have you seen Leisure Travels Vans?!” He’s their biggest ambassador—despite the fact that we don’t own an LTV.

But as he’s stalked the company online, he’s actually made good friends with their team. So when we decided to spend our summer and fall in Canada, we started thinking about the possibility of doing our trip in a Leisure Van… They are a Canadian company after all. It just made sense!

Of course, we love our Winnebago and planned to do the whole trip across Canada in our home anyway, so it wouldn’t hurt to just ask right? The worst they could say was no!

Watch the video:

We’re exploring Canada in the Wonder Read Twin Bed—or Wonder RTB for short—which is very similar to the rig we drove and LOVED in New Zealand. The two rigs have similar lighter designs, with lots of windows and lots of great lighting to make the rig feel like home.

The unique thing about this rig is the gear garage in the back. It’s the first North American RV we’ve seen with built-in indoor bike storage. So this is big news for any cyclists or e-bike riders!

Plus the rig is 24’9″ which makes it small enough we can take it most anywhere. And as you see in the video, it almost fits in a parking spot!

We are so looking forward to all the adventures this rig is going to take us on. Now if only we didn’t have to give it back…

You can learn more about the Wonder, including all the stops we make as we are traveling across the country, here!