Preparing for My First Job Today

[stag_intro]Today my official title is Project Dojo Assistant Instructor at Project Dojo Martial Arts School.[/stag_intro] How awesome is that? I’ve always secretly wanted to learn martial arts. Not so much the fighting aspect, but the breathing techniques, the mental aspects, … Read More

A New Day, A New Adventure

Written from Parkview RV Park- Fort Stockton, TX: May 31st, 7:15am Pulling out of Fort Stockton this morning we’re hitting the road to Albuquerque, NM. It’s a 350 mile drive. The longest one we’ve made so far in Franklin (that’s … Read More

Overcoming Obstacles & Fear

Written from mile marker 400, somewhere in west Texas. [stag_intro]Fear is a great reminder of how awesome life is. Today, I let Alyssa drive the RV for the first time. We were both a little terrified, but after she passed … Read More

Hourly America Intro

In approximately seven days Alyssa and I will pile the remainder of our belongings into our 1994 Leprechaun Coachmen and hit the road. We have a couple computers, video cameras, and one suitcase full of clothes each. 7 months ago … Read More

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