A New Day, A New Adventure

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Written from Parkview RV Park- Fort Stockton, TX: May 31st, 7:15am

Pulling out of Fort Stockton this morning we’re hitting the road to Albuquerque, NM. It’s a 350 mile drive. The longest one we’ve made so far in Franklin (that’s what we’ve named our wheel home).

Alyssa is driving us this morning. She offered to drive so I could post a blog. I love that girl. She just pointed out to me that we can see our first mountain off in the distance. It’s a little nerve racking today that Franklin is going to climb some mountains. Say a little prayer for the road for us.

Today is the first day we’ve been on a road I’ve never traveled before. I know the stretch of I-10 from Texas to California like the back of my palm. I’ve made that drive more times than I’d like. But now, we’re on highway 285 up to Albuquerque and everything is new.

It looks the same as the roads we traveled yesterday. Desert, and then more desert. But I know at some point today we’ll make our first cross through the Rocky Mountains and we have no idea what that’s going to be like in the RV.

It’s a little scary to not know what today is going to look like, but it’s also exciting. When I worked in an office for the last year or so, I missed the unknown. I craved for things to be shaken up, and it mentally hurt my brain to sit still all day. Too much of the same thing is just boring, or at least it is to me. I need adventure.

Everyday on the road from here on out will be adventure. The roads we go down, the people we meet, the jobs I work- will all be part of a bigger unknown picture being formed. We’ll do our best to prepare, but you can only prepare so much, just ask Alyssa.

A new day, a new adventure.

Last night we researched destinations we will explore over the next few weeks. Our route/itinerary for the next 10 days looks something like this.

May 31st- Arrive in Albuquerque early afternoon

June 1st- Albuquerque

June 2nd- Albuquerque (my first job at Project Dojo Martial Arts School)

June 3rd- Drive to Flagstaff, AZ

June 4th- Drive to Prescott, AZ stopping by Sedona on the way

June 5th- Prescott, AZ (my second job at a landscape nursery)

June 6th- Prescott, AZ

June 7th- Grand Canyon

June 8th- Grand Canyon

June 9th- Mt. Zion National Park, Utah