Overcoming Obstacles & Fear

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Written from mile marker 400, somewhere in west Texas.

[stag_intro]Fear is a great reminder of how awesome life is. Today, I let Alyssa drive the RV for the first time. We were both a little terrified, but after she passed two “over-sized” loads, we could breathe a sigh of relief. The kid’s a natural. I married a keeper, she can drive our 30 foot rig like a champ.[/stag_intro]

We’re on the road headed to Fort Stockton, TX. The plan was to get there last night, but we had to make a little detour since the dolly hauling Alyssa’s car crapped out on us.

Because the stress and hassle of hauling a car was too much, we decided to make our seven month journey without towing Alyssa’s CR-V. The plan was to tow her car, so it would be convenient to get around wherever we stayed. Now, we have to improvise and be more strategic about where we stay and how we get from place to place. Everything just got a little more risky, but also a little more exciting.

Oh, and I also found out about my first job. I’ll work at Project Dojo Martial Arts School in Albuquerque, New Mexico! I’m stoked. What an awesome first job, right? I will bow to my sensei.

I knew before we pulled out of Austin this trip would be packed with adversity, but I was secretly hoping we would make it out of Texas before anything happened. But this is real life, life has hiccups and you have to get past them.

Hourly America means so much to Alyssa and I. It’s our honeymoon, but it’s so much more. We have a real opportunity to make an impact with the millions of hourly workers across the country. It’s become more than just about us.

If you’re just learning about Hourly America and what we’re doing, check out our about page and keep up with the journey. Oh, and if you have job connections in any cool hourly roles in your city, please let us know at [email protected]!



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