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I’m a funny person, according to my husband.

Sometimes I’m not so sure, because I can’t hear you laughing on the other side of the Internet, and it would be really terrifying if I could.

I like being funny, or trying to be funny, because life is too serious all the time. When you’re working to pay off debt, trying to manage being an adult, and still trying to figure out your entire life, you need some good laughs in your life.

But the truth is, I’m not the funny one in our marriage. It’s Heath. The dude is a riot.

This became increasingly apparent to me as I’ve been watching all of the footage from our documentary. We have plenty of videos from the road. Before and after each job, Heath and I record commentary videos about our day. We talk about simple things like the weather and if there’s been any maintenance issues with the RV. We talk about the jobs and bicker about the GPS a lot. These videos act as our on the road diary to help us remember little details that we might have forgotten.

My Mimi asked me last week how I remember so many stories from the road, and these videos are a key reason. So much of our honeymoon adventure is captured on camera, waiting to be seen. That’s why I’ve been busy editing and producing short video clips to begin sharing on my website. Because as much as I love writing, sometimes I can’t do these stories justice.

But the best part of these videos isn’t just the memories and the stories, it’s how completely hilarious these videos are.

I mean really, we are a comedic dream team.

Although, I’m pretty biased for obvious reasons.

Either way, to celebrate our one year anniversary of both marriage and RV life, over the next few months I will start rolling out short 1-2 minute videos of some of the most hilarious conversations Heath and I have on camera.

Some of them will make you laugh. Some of them will make you question our intelligence. Some of them you will probably remind you of moments in your own life.

But hopefully, these videos remind you not to take life too seriously. There were a lot of moments on the road when we wanted to quit and give up. The RV would break down, we would run out of money, we almost died from a propane leak… A lot of things went terribly wrong. Reminding ourselves that these things are just circumstances and that they don’t control our happiness helped us to enjoy our adventure–even when we were living without a fridge for a month.

Here’s a link to the first video we released this week entitled, “We’re the Padgett’s.” I will post videos on our Hourly America Facebook Page, which you’re more than welcome to “like!”

As you may know, Heath and I were featured on CNN last fall. A journalist and a cameraman came out to our RV and recorded us sharing stories and doing different things around the RV. We had a lot of fun letting someone else film us for a change. A few days after we left New York, the camera asked us to record a simple clip: us introducing ourselves while driving the RV. Easy enough, right?

This is how many takes it took for us to say our one line. I blame Heath.

we're the padgetts video

[fruitful_sep] Watching these videos has taught me a lot about myself and my relationship with Heath. It’s a peculiar experience to watch so much footage of your life in one sitting. In June, I will be releasing a short ebook detailing all the funny lessons about how not to act in marriage, based on what I saw in these videos. If you’d like to help me edit my ebook, I’d love to have your help. Feel free to email me and let me know.


PS They never used any of these clips. I wonder why.

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