We’ve run into one (ridiculous) problem at our campground…

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We’ve had several people mention to us that they too have a dream of one day buying a campground, so we’re excited to continue sharing some of the good & bad of building a park from the ground up.

Honestly, the campground process has been pretty fun.

We have a dozen giant schematics where we get to color in ideas and lay out the park. These incredibly large site plans also serve a dual purpose for large coloring pages for Ellie.

Since acquiring the property we’ve already hosted so many friends and made new ones through our Hipcamp listing.

Cheers from last night’s crew of campers 🥂


Yesterday I spent the afternoon doing cost comparisons and reading reviews on commercial toilet paper.

Okay, maybe that last one was less fun. But toilet paper reviews are truly comical, plus now I know that recycled paper towels and toilet paper cost less than regular. Fascinating and useless information, I know!


We have one minor snag.

Which I’m choosing to see as a ridiculously hilarious problem because after the past few weeks, we have officially gotten to that level.

We can’t find the mailbox.

And trust me, I’ve looked everywhere.

There’s no mailbox at the property.

I’ve driven past neighboring mailboxes and perhaps quite creepily read all the numbers to double-check that they aren’t ours.

The previous owner has no idea where it is.

The previous previous owner has no idea.

Heath visited with several neighbors who also have no idea.

The previous previous previous owner was the Montrose School District. I’ve left them a message, but the school district last held classes there in 1992…so I’m not holding my breath that they’ve been holding mail for the past 30 years.

The guy at the post office said if I can prove I’m the owner by bringing in the deed, then he can find me a set of keys to the mailbox.

“The mailbox, where?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged.

And I’ve officially spent weeks trying to get to the bottom of this mystery. Tomorrow my plan is to show up at the post master’s office because she has not answered her phone yet and has no voicemail… 🤔

We know mail is being delivered because the people who have sent us mail—important people like our insurance company and our bank and the city and people whose mail you 100% do not want to lose—have not had mail returned to them.


Somewhere in Montrose county lays an increasingly thick stack of mail with my name on it.

The mystery continues.

Of all things, finding the mailbox has easily been the most difficult challenge we’ve encountered in the past two months since we’ve purchased this property.

(Honorable mention goes to replacing the entire toilet after the inspector let us know there’s a specific side of the toilet where the flusher must be in an ADA accessible bathroom.)

Hopefully by next week I’ll finally put this crazy long search to bed.

Otherwise, you can find me sitting by the road in a lawn chair waiting for a mailman to drive by so I can flag him down and question him. No one can say no to a giant pregnant woman.

That’s what building a campground looks like this week. We hope to have more exciting updates in the near term, but for now we would just love to accept some mail 🤪

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