Houston, we have a mailbox. 📬

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Thank you all for your hilarious replies to ! They made my day.

We found the solution!

Last week after literally 20 unanswered phone calls, I waited outside the postmaster’s office trying to get answers. Which went like:

Postman: “Oh sorry, everyone is out right now changing a tire for a stranded mail carrier.”

Me: “Oh, can you help me?”

Postman: “Nah, I’m off the clock.”

Me: “Your hours say you don’t close for 10 more minutes.”

Postman: 🤷🏻‍♂️

I didn’t get any helpful information other than to “come back when they are done with the tire, but then it’ll be after hours so you might as well just wait until next week.”

The school district called me back and let me know it’s been 18 years since they last ran classes out of our building, so they no longer accepted mail for the address, as I suspected.

Meanwhile, Heath spent the whole day working from the campground, which he is how he spends most workdays, and kept an eye out for our mail carrier.

No luck.

Because naturally, the mail carrier came by during the one hour Heath left to grab lunch, so they missed each other 🙈

But by pure luck, our contractor happened to stop by the property at the time! And the mailman stopped him.

“Hey, I have some mail for this address,” the mailman said to our contractor. “The 4th mailbox over there is empty. Just put your number on it, I can stick your mail in there. It’s all in my truck.”

The contractor texted this info to Heath and Heath called me to let me know the good news (but not until after I gave the postman a withering look for skipping out of work early and refusing to help me).

Needless to say, I bought stickers at Walmart and we now have a mailbox!

And I didn’t even have to whip out my lawn chair to keep an eye out for our mailman 💌

One problem fixed!

We’ve spent the rest of this week firming up the designs of the RV park and having very intense discussions about things like road width, where is the best place for dumpsters, and some storm drainage conversations that have gone way over my head. (That’s when you just nod along to what the civil engineer suggests and scribble down words to Google when you get off the Zoom call.)

Now that we’ve almost finalized our designs, next comes developing the construction designs. AKA where the electrical lines run, where water pipes go, where sewer drains, and all sorts of things that we are about to learn about.

This whole process has been a huge learning curve for Heath and me, and we love getting to share all these ups and downs and weird stories with you.

Thanks for coming along on this crazy campground building journey with us!