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Does Pak N Save Live Up to the Hype? Heath’s Video Review

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Heath and I don’t eat out often during our travels. I have a few food allergies that make it difficult to eat out plus cooking your meals saves a ton of money.

We’ve cooked most of our meals here in NZ in our tiny kitchen, and surprisingly we’ve eaten the exact same meals as we eat back home: grilled chicken, burgers, tacos, stir fry, spaghetti, etc.

NZ grocery stores aren’t too dissimilar from American stores, so we can easily find everything we need. (The biggest difference really is that they don’t refrigerate their eggs which makes them super hard to find in the store. So far I’ve found them next to bananas, next to the international foods, and on the baking aisle. The last one actually makes sense to me!)

In this episode, we finally visit Pak N’ Save, the grocery store EVERYONE told us about before coming to New Zealand. Does it live up to the hype? Watch Heath’s hilarious review and learn his standards for what determines how good a store is:

Heath’s favorite’s from Pak N Save? Chinese chicken and corn chowder and grilled cheese on their tasty gluten-free bread.