Finally Having Some Down Time in Las Vegas

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written under a cabana next to the Oasis RV Resort pool in Las Vegas

Alyssa and I have enjoyed our first couple weeks on the road. Life has been chaotic and we’re loving it. This past week as we made our way from St. George, Utah to Las Vegas we both agreed that it was time to slow down for a couple days. Fortunately, our contact over at Snagajob, Jon, secured me a job for this weekend as a lifeguard. This would mean we have several days of getting caught up on our video footage, writing blogs, and taking in the sights.

It’s been nice to stay in the same place for more than a night or two. There’s been countless mornings on the road where I wake up and it takes me several moments to get my thoughts together and remember what city/state we are in. It’s a really weird feeling. If you’ve ever had enough alcohol to wake up and not remember where you fell asleep the night before, I would imagine it’s a very similar feeling (don’t worry mom I’m not speaking from experience).

It’s taken me a solid two days to sort through all of our video footage we’ve filmed while being on the road. Something like 200 gigs of film. More memory than both Alyssa’s and my computer can hold. We had to go buy an external hard drive that can hold about 2,000 gigs.

I’m still learning a lot about film/editing. Right now we’re deciding how we want to release the footage we’ve shot. We have all these great scenes from several jobs which we’re going to format together for a full length documentary- but we also want to be able to release updates as we go. Writing about jobs is one thing, but it’s probably more exciting to see me busting my butt in a warehouse a couple days ago spilling about 100 lbs of tiles or watch me getting knocked off the mat by third degree black belts. We’ll post some video updates soon.

Being on the road constantly isn’t so bad though. This is week number three and I can’t say there is a single material possession that I actually miss. Once you live with less, you realize you really don’t need that much stuff. A big house and lots of things are nice, but you can get by with the bare essentials and be pretty happy in the process.

Another cool thing about being on the road is you meet people every where you go. It’s like you have an instant bond with someone when you meet in a national park. You have something in common before you even speak. You’re traveling. And when you meet someone in an RV park, it’s the same. There’s some unwritten language and bond we all share, like you understand each other and have been to some of the same places. It’s a strange and yet exciting feeling.

Vegas is also going to be one of our last really warm (stinking hot) destinations. After this it’s southern Cali weather and up through Oregon and Seattle. I can’t say I’ll miss the heat. That’s the whole reason I told Alyssa I’m done with Texas summers. The heat and mosquitos, no thanks. I can do without Texas during June, July, and August.

Alyssa is adjusting well to life on the road. The first week was a little rough just figuring out our schedule and how to be around each other, but we’ve made it work. I wake up early, she sleeps in an hour or so later. It’s nice because it gives me some quiet time in the morning to read and write, and she likes it because she gets more sleep. All in all, it works out great.

Cooking on the road is probably the best. We have only eaten out a hand full of times because no matter where we are we always have our kitchen with us. This morning we made bacon and french toast and last night we had grilled chicken and veggies. I honestly think my favorite part about RVing is the fact that when you cook bacon in the morning the entire RV wreaks of bacon. It’s amazing and I cherish our mornings.

Tuesday we’ll leave Vegas and head west towards the Pacific. We’ll have some more hectic days along the way and before the end of the month we’ll release our first webisode of Hourly America. Excited and thankful for all who have been keeping up with our journey. I would love to hear of any recommendations you have on future jobs or thoughts on what I’ve posted so far.




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  • Love the updates and your sincere insights. Through your jobs you are speaking on behalf of more than half of the workers in America. However, you are really speaking to everyone when you talk about simplifying your life. I think our society has lost sight of the important things in life…quality time with those we love, relationships with people (new and old), and appreciating all that we have. Keep up the great work!

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