We Have No Idea How to Travel with a Baby

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Before Ellie was born, traveling was easy. Four-hour hike? No problem. Driving all day? Let me cue up Spotify. Eating at a nice restaurant? So romantic.

We knew throwing a four-month-old and a foreign country to the mix would change our travel style, but we didn’t know exactly what a day would look like. Would we have to meticulously plan our day around nap time? Would we need to rush back to our Airbnb or RV throughout the day?

This was how our first day in Venice went…and it was miserable for everyone involved. We walked miles back and forth from the sights to our Airbnb for naps and Ellie cried in exhaustion waiting for us to put her down for a nap.

In today’s Youtube video (episode two in our Italy series!) we share how we rapidly adjusted to full-time travel with Ellie so the rest of our month in Italy would be smooth sailing.