Why You Should Ask For Opportunity

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This is a guest post by Alyssa Padgett. She’s traveling to all fifty states filming a documentary about hourly employment, because well, she’s my wife. You can follow her blog at www.AlyssaPadgett.com.  Nearly every time we meet people along the road … Read More

Why This Won’t Be My Best Work

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I learned a startling truth recently. I suppose it’s obvious. Maybe I’m just naïve or unobservant because I’m so shocked by it. Your first book [blog, website, product, etc.] won’t be your best work. Now that I’m saying it again, … Read More

Worry Ruins the Moment

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“I think we need to slow down.” Heath and I say these words at least once a week. Despite the luxurious sound of a seven month honeymoon, we hustle on the daily. Sometimes that means we need to write five … Read More

You Can’t Force Magic

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After the sixth phone call, I told Heath to just stop calling. He was trying to find us an RV park near the Grand Canyon and for the first time, they all told us no. They were all full. “Alyssa, … Read More

The First Step Is The Hardest

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The hardest part of anything is your first action item. It’s that first step that suddenly makes a project real and tactile and maybe a little bit more terrifying. If you never take that first step, it doesn’t have to … Read More

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