Featured Story: Project Dojo

Job: 1/50 Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico How I found the job: Snagajob.com Date: June 2, 2014 Initial thoughts after being hired: I’m going to get beat up by an eight year old girl, awesome. Clocked in: 9:00AM Clocked out: 8:30PM Time on the clock:11.5 … Read More

Update from Minnesota: 81 Days on the Road

  If you’ve taken road trips out west, you know just how large those states are. Heck, it took us four days just get out of Texas! (Sorry, Tex) Now that we’re in smaller states, we’re moving a little faster. … Read More

Weekly Hourly America Update from Coloradoe

Since my last update, we haven’t traveled much. We’ve moved from Wyoming south to Colorado.     We’ve worked one job at Persephone Bakery in Jackson, Wyoming. It is by far the most deliciously perfect job we’ve worked in our travels! Gluten free … Read More

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