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Some of these products contain affiliate links, so if you click through we’ll receive a small commission for referring you. All of these products we either used extensively or have close connections with the companies themselves. 


Passport America

Passport America is a camping membership we bought that has saved us hundreds of dollars on the road. Of all the memberships, we recommend this one the most. It’s $44 for the year and you save 50% at all campgrounds that are participating. You can learn more about Passport America here.



If you’re looking for community on the road or just a simple solution for getting your mail on the road, Escapees is a great way to get connected with other full-timers. Travis and Melanie who run the company are close friends of ours and we trust them dearly (we’re also members ourselves). One of the best perks of Escapees is access to their multiple RV meet ups they host throughout the year. Learn more about their memberships here!


Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a unique RV membership that allows campers to park their RV for free (for one night) at select wineries, vineyards, breweries, farms and museums. A membership only costs $40/year and can save you a ton of money in lodging fees, if you use it enough. Learn more here.

Want to learn more about the pros and cons to RV clubs? Check out this post where we compare the top five RV memberships.

RV Share

Please, PLEASE, before you spend $100K on an RV, rent out an RV for a week and check it out! RVShare offers peer-to-peer RV rentals, which means you can borrow a real person’s real RV. This is the best and easiest way to find out which type of rig you want, what full-time life is like, and BONUS, it’s usually way cheaper than your classic hotel + airfare vacation. Shop around RVShare for a rental.


RV Mobile Internet

Everyone’s biggest concern about working on the road is the same: how will I get internet? RV park wifi is unreliable at best. We use and LOVE our unlimited Verizon plan that we found through RV Mobile Internet. It’s impossible or over-priced to get one of these plans directly through Verizon, and RV Mobile Internet is the only service I’ve found that helps you purchased unlimited Verizon plans for a decent price. Learn more here.


RVing Necessities

After you buy an RV, you’ll need to pick up a few things before your first trip. This shopping list includes everything you’ll need for setting up your RV such as leveling blocks, hose connections, water filters, and electrical adapters. We use everything on this list on a daily basis and could not camp full-time without them. See the full shopping list on Amazon. 

Our Favorite Business Tools



Last year I switched from Mailchimp to ConvertKit for my email marketing provider and haven’t booked back. It’s an incredible email marketing service that caters towards professional bloggers (meaning people who make money from their blog). I wrote a more in depth post on why bloggers should be using ConvertKit here.



Bluehost is essential for anyone who is starting up a blog. Bluehost is where I host HeathPadgett.com and every site I’ve ever built before this one. They make it insanely easy to launch a new WordPress site and you can sign up for $3.45/month.

Everyone who starts a blog has to host it someone and Bluehost has been incredible to work alongside.

You can click here to grab an account with them for $3.45/month.

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Hurdlr is a free app that will track your expenses and miles while you’re on the road. This helps me remember filling up for gas and all the little tax breaks we’re eligible for while running our business. You can learn more in this post I wrote about Hurdlr.


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

Fellow full-timer Michelle of Making Sense of Cents makes over 100K a month from her blog. In this course, she teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing.

We’ve actually been working Michelle’s course as well and It has significantly helped us increase our affiliate earnings here on the blog. It is a great investment for any blogger looking to make money on the road.

Learn more about Michelle’s course or check out this interview with her on The RV Entrepreneur podcast.

Day Designer

A Day Designer, which is a brand of a super awesome planner made by my friend Whitney, is our key to staying productive on the road. It helps me to focus on my day’s top three tasks as well as organize all of my meetings, appointments, etc. I love this planner more than others because it helps me focus on specific projects so I don’t get caught up in little details like checking email or filling out invoices. The real work comes first.

Check out the Day Designer on their website.


If you’re looking to make money online, right now the easiest, fastest way is to teach a course.

Most of our client work to date has been filming and launching courses for clients. With every launch, we use Teachable for quite a few reasons. It is incredibly easy to use and set up your course; they have a sleek, easy to modify design, AND they offer built in affiliate programs.

As you’ll learn in Michelle’s course above, affiliates are key to growing your blog and making income on the road. If you’re looking to create a course, I can’t recommend Teachable enough.

Create your own course with Teachable here.

For more on how we run our business on the road, check out The RV Entrepreneur podcast where we interview nomadic entrepreneurs on how they run a remote business and travel full-time.

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