Why I Share “Unconventional Career Advice”

Over the past 18 months I’ve worked different jobs all across the country, learned how to film a documentary, and interviewed over 100 people on how they find meaning in their work (the search for meaning in work is the central theme of Hourly America).

If there’s anything I learned from that experience, it’s that there’s no “right way” to go about the whole career thing. Since there’s no definitive way to go about your career, I’ve decided to share the ways I approach my work with others.

I’m not an expert on careers. I’m just a normal guy who loves approaching the whole career thing through a different lens.

Unconventional Articles for:

Finding a meaningful, non-boring career. (Work can be fun. You don’t have to have a career just like everyone else.)

Dealing with work-related fears or stress: (I worry about stupid stuff. Writing about it helps.)

Building a business: (Anyone who creates an income for themselves or their family outside the typical 9-5 constraints or company walls is an entrepreneur. Things I’ve learned from starting businesses of my own, working with others, and apprenticing successful entrepreneurs during my Hourly America journey.)

Making ideas happen: (Developing the right yoda-like mindset to do the things you want to do in life.)

Finding Great mentors & relationships: (Befriending people who are smarter than me have made my life so much easier. It’s not rocket science, but so many people never do this right.)