If you had told me that at 25 years old I’d be living full-time in an RV… I might of thought you were crazy. But living in an RV has been the biggest adventure of our lives to date (pre-kids, at least).

For the past year and half I’ve been sharing what I learned about the RV lifestyle as we traveled across the country and adjusted to life in a small space. Quite a few of the blogs I’ve written have been more “travel-spiration”, because more than anything I’ve wanted to show that it’s possible to enjoy this kind of lifestyle.

But as we’ve learned more about living in an RV, making money while traveling, and how to travel cheap– I’ve started to write more specifically about how to build an income for yourself while traveling. The reason for the shift? It should be pretty obvious, but the largest reason why this RV lifestyle seems difficult, or seemingly impossible for some, is because they haven’t figured out how to make it financially work.

To paint a more clear picture on how to make the transition from stationary to being mobile in an RV, I’ve started interviewing digital nomads to better understand how they’ve went about building a lives for themselves on the road. If there’s a question you have the answer to that you can’t find on this page, shoot me an email here.




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