A Quick Snapshot of our 12 Deals of Christmas:

  1. The course that helped us double our blog income
  2. Learn how to edit video from Youtube’s most popular travel vloggers
  3. Our favorite camping membership
  4. How to find the best internet on the road
  5. A guide to teach you how to jump into RV life
  6. My absolutely favorite thing I’ve been given in 2018
  7. How to Start a Youtube Channel with the experts over at Keep Your Daydream
  8. A way to make driving your RV a little safer
  9. Getting access to doctors no matter where you travel
  10. 50% off a virtual pass to attend the RVE Summit
  11. Keep track of all your adventures in 2019 🚐

  12.  The best thing I’ve done to grow our business

Scroll down for discount codes, direct links, and more information on each deal.

Day 12: The best thing I’ve done to grow our business

The end of the year is around the corner and I’ve been thinking about what all went well and what all didn’t go so well for us in 2018 (*upcoming podcast episode alert*).

Hands down, Heath and I would agree that the best thing we’ve done in the past year was publish my book, and for a lot of different reasons.

  1. I accomplished a dream I’ve had for years.
  2. I helped a lot of people. One of the best parts of writing the book has been getting messages every day from readers who share how my book helped them start RVing.
  3. It gave me confidence. Heath and I have run our business together for years now, and on most projects, we split the workload pretty evenly. This was one project I did almost completely on my own.
  4. It generated enough passive income for us to stop bringing on client work and spend more time enjoying our travels.

It’s something I’ve spent a lot of time talking about this year because it’s completely changed the game for Heath and I and our business.

As I wrote my book, I took a ton of notes on what worked, what didn’t, and what things I messed up or should’ve done differently. I took all those notes and experience to write a massive 30+ lesson course all on how to publish your first book on Amazon.

Why I’m Super Excited About This

Everyone has those things that when they start talking about it, you can see how passionate they are. They bubble up with excitement and start talking a mile a minute teaching and explaining and sharing.

As I wrote this course, I looked at Heath and told him that was how I felt writing these lessons. I had never felt more inspired or passionate about what I was working on. From what elements should be in your book description to how to perfectly price your product to maximize sales, I realized I’m a total nerd for book publishing.

It’s that thing I could talk about all day. I love when I get to have a coaching call with a student to talk metrics and goals and help them make their book a reality. Or when I get emails from students saying they took something they learned from the course and already increased their book sales. Writing a book has made such a difference in my life, I love being able to help others bring their books to life too.

What You’ll Learn in the Course

I put together this course to help you turn your ideas, blog posts and message into a professional self-published book that’s ready to be read by the world. I cover everything from how to validate your book idea (before writing it) to how to map out and plan your content (so you won’t quit half-way through) and the tools and resources that will make your life a thousand times easier along the way.

The course is broken down into six sections:

  • Starting Your Book
  • The Writing Process
  • Editing!!
  • Getting Your Book Ready for Amazon
  • Your Book Launch
  • And Long-Term Book Sales

Plus, I’ve added in lessons on all the stuff self-published authors often miss, like how to write your own copyright page, how to get influencers to review your book, and how to get your book in bookstores.

You can learn more about the course and see the full curriculum here.

Claim Your Discount

Get $50 off the full course OR $75 off the full course + a 30-minute coaching call with me!

Note: Coaching calls are limited to only ten new students.

Use this link to automatically apply the discounts.

Day 11: Keep track of all your adventures in 2019 🚐

When we look for products for our 12 Deals of Christmas, we try to find a good mix of different things. From courses to tools for your RV to books to unique services like telemedicine.

Today we’re getting a little crafty with a deal from Emily Burton, a fellow RV entrepreneur who has been working with Heath on Campground Booking while also running her Etsy shop. Emily actually has over a THOUSAND different printable products she sells on Etsy which absolutely blows my mind.

Today’s deal is on her 2019 printable camper calendar.

Why I Love This Product

One of my favorite parts of our “job” is getting to meet and learn from other RVers running interesting businesses on the road. And that’s the best part of the 12 Deals of Christmas too—sharing and supporting these smart, talented entrepreneurs who make great things on the road.

There’s a few reasons why we picked Emily’s product to share today:

  1. We want to support a hard working RVer who is creating a great product. Emily and her family have had a dream to hit the road now for a long time. However, they didn’t just dream it up, but worked hard to create various income streams that could support a nomadic lifestyle. She learned how to create and sell products on Etsy while still freelancing on the side. Earlier this year their dream to hit the road came true and a large part of this was due to The Paper Giraffe, her Etsy store.
  2. Emily stand’s behind her work. As with any product or service you look at online, reviews speak volumes. If you look at Emily’s reviews on Etsy, she has 1,280 of them with a five star average.
  3. Camper themed stuff is awesome. We have a vintage camper painting that hangs in our Winnebago, a ton of camper themed ornaments, and as I type this out Heath is sitting next to me drinking coffee out of a Winnebago mug. We love (or maybe we have an obsession with) RV themed products and Emily’s printable camper calendars fits that bill 100%.

If you want to support an RV Entrepreneur and also snag a great deal on a next year’s calendar, you can see Emily’s 2019 printable calendar design here.

Claim Your Discount

Use the code 12DAYSOFXMAS at check out to get 50% off the regular price.

Check out Emily’s Printable Camper Calendar!

Day 10: 50% off a virtual pass to attend the RVE Summit

Of all the deals we are promoting for these 12 days, this is the one I’m perhaps most excited about.

Every year, Heath & I host our RV Entrepreneur Summit, a business conference specifically for RVers and world travelers. The RVE Summit consists of workshops, meet ups, and main stage talks all geared toward helping you start and grow a business that fuels a life of travel.

It’s always my favorite weekend of the year, bringing together a group of super smart people who totally “get it” when you share stories of missing a deadline because your awning ripped off in the middle of the night or hauling over to a Starbucks because the internet where you camped wasn’t strong enough to make a video call. There are a lot of unique challenges to running a business on the road and our goal with the Summit is to equip attendees with the tools to start & grow their business.

We like to keep the Summit at an intimate size for an in-person conference, this way attendees can have more chances to connect with new friends. But that means that a lot of people miss out on hearing all the speakers and watching all the sessions.

So this year Heath & I are releasing Virtual Tickets to our annual RVE Summit.

Why I’m Super Excited About This

For the past two years, we’ve filmed and released our main stage talks from the RVE Summit, as well as live streamed these talks on Facebook. However, we’ve had a couple of problems with this format.

  1. Hosting a live stream is a huge effort that pulls focus away from our in-conference experience
  2. The videos we’ve released from RVE Summit in the past have only been main stage sessions (which is less than half of the weekend’s sessions)

This year, by creating a virtual ticket we will be able to record and release all of the content taught at RVE Summit, such as our immersive workshops.

And while you can’t attend every second of the Summit virtually—because how depressing would a virtual glass of wine be?—I’m excited that we are able to share so much more of the Summit this year.

So in addition to sharing video replays of all our main stage sessions, a virtual ticket will give you access to all of the following recorded workshops:

  • How to Grow Your Youtube Channel with Marc Leach
  • Learning How to Take Incredible Photos with Joe Hendricks
  • Money Management and How to Save Money while Traveling with Lindsey & Adam Nubern
  • A Road Map to Full-time RVing with Brandon & Kerensa from RVtoFreedom
  • Creating a Blog and Mastering WordPress Basics with Julia Taylor
  • How to Create Systems to Simplify Your Business with Dani Schnakenberg
  • Plus a few more we haven’t announced yet 🙂

(You can see all our announced speakers on the Virtual Ticket page here.)

The RVE Workshops are intensive 60-90 minute sessions lead by incredibly talented teachers with a ton of experience. A replay of each of these workshops will be included in the virtual ticket.

Just to give you an idea of what some of our workshop hosts typically charge for their expertise, here are some numbers:

  • Immersive photography workshop with Joe Hendricks: $500
  • Roadmap to Full-Time RVing course with Brandon & Kerensa: $297
  • How to Start a Youtube Channel course with Marc Leach: $297
  • 1-on-1 coaching call with Dani on creating systems in your business: $97

Instead of paying $1,000+ to learn from all of our workshop hosts, you can snag a virtual ticket for $100 that includes all our main stage sessions plus these awesome workshops. As part of our 12 Deals of Christmas, all virtual tickets are 50% off.

Our goal with offering a virtual ticket for the RVE Summit is to provide the best learning experience possible for anyone who is interested in growing a business and hitting the road, but can’t make to Alabama this spring.

If you sign up for the virtual ticket, you’ll have access to video replays immediately following RVE Summit.

Claim Your Discount

Use this link to automatically apply a 50% discount on your virtual ticket purchase.

We are offering a 50% discount on virtual tickets if you grab one before December 31st. We will be hosting the video recordings in our RV Entrepreneur School (so you can enroll using your existing Teachable account, if you have one).

Day 9: Getting access to doctors no matter where you travel

On Sunday, Heath & I announced that we are expecting a baby girl this May! It’s been a hard secret to keep, especially when people have been commenting on our Youtube and sending us messages wondering why all of the sudden we stopped posting on social media.

A few days after we found out about the pregnancy, I started getting really sick. Every day I got a little worse and soon it was clear that I wasn’t experiencing normal pregnancy symptoms. We needed to see a doctor.

But we learned in Canada you can’t see an OBGYN if you’re not a citizen. I won’t pretend to know all the rules regarding Canadian healthcare, but I do know that every OB we called told us that since we were American, we would need to go to a walk-in clinic. (Hence why we found out we were pregnant in a Canadian grocery store.)

It was really frustrating trying to find a good doctor and soon Heath was looking at flights ready to ship me back to Texas to see an OBGYN. But we did find a good clinic, I got the medication I needed, and we were able to slowly drive our RV back home.

The whole ordeal was beyond stressful and made me wish that we had signed up for telemedicine, so we could have access to doctors from back home.

So I reached out to our friend Scott Blair who owns RV Health (which you may remember from episode 131 of the podcast) and asked if he would join our 12 Deals of Christmas. RV Health is not an insurance plan, but a telehealth company that gives you access to a primary care physician no matter where you are.

Why I Wanted to Share This Product

I’ve not used RV Health or any telemedicine. Heath and I generally healthy, so we didn’t think we really needed it. But as I learned in Canada, it would’ve been worth it for us to have 24/7 access to doctors while we were abroad. And as our family grows and we start traveling even more internationally, access to telemedicine will be a must.

With RV Health you can talk to doctors no matter where in the world you are and they can handle any non-emergency health concern, ranging from allergies and fevers to even OBGYN for soon-to-be mommas like me. Anyone is eligible for coverage, regardless of age or pre-existing conditions.

Plus a portion of your membership fee is donated to supporting our National Park Foundation, because RV Health’s mission is to keep travelers healthy and the world we travel preserved.

Like I said, I haven’t used RV Health so I can’t give you my own honest review, but I know it’s something that once we start traveling with our daughter, we will absolutely want.

Learn more about RV Health.

Claim Your Discount

When you use our link, your first month of RV Health costs only $1. Follow the instructions on the webpage to claim your discount.

Learn more about RV Health.

Day 8: A deal to keep your RV a little safer

One fateful day while cruising down the stretches of farmland along I-5 in California, we heard a faint sound and felt the RV shift.

“I think we just blew a tire,” Heath said.

We were towing my car on a tow dolly and the dolly tire blew while we cruised down the interstate. We pulled over, backed the car off the dolly, and began the very stressful process of figuring out how in the world we were going to get this fixed and chastising ourselves for not knowing the tire wasn’t able to handle the journey. Of course to make matters worse, we were in the middle of nowhere and without a spare tire!

It was a looooooong day.

Now we travel with a tire pressure monitoring system installed on all ten of our tires (six on the Winnebago, four on the car) and seriously, this thing does wonders for my peace of mind!

Today’s deal is brought to you by TechnoRV, run by Eric & Tami Johnson, who you may remember from the podcast!

Why I Love This Product

Driving your house down the interstate is scary enough with 18-wheelers blazing past you, cars cutting you off, and strong winds that make you feel like the rig might tip over at any given second.

So having a tire pressure monitoring system for me is one less thing to worry about. Just last week we were driving behind a semi-truck when its tire blew.

Debris is flying, he’s going 70 trying to cross five lines of Houston interstate to get to safety, and all I’m thinking is how terrifying that would be if it ever happened to our home.

The TST tire pressure monitoring system we use tells you the PSI and the temperature of each tire. If the numbers get too high or too low, an alarm will sound. On our drive back south from Canada, an alert went off that the two front tires on the car were too low. We pulled over at a truck stop, aired them up, and got safely back on the road.

No blown tires, no roadside assistance needed, no extra stress. This thing basically pays for itself the first time an alarm goes off.

Claim Your Discount

Use the code 12DAYS at check out to receive $25 off your purchase.

Note: Techno RV is already running their own promotion today where the TST system is $42 off, so you’re getting a grand total of $77 off your purchase today.

Check out the TST tire pressure monitoring system.

Day 7: A deal from Keep Your Daydream

This year, Heath and I really wanted to go all-in on building a Youtube channel. It’s something we’ve talked about ever since we started traveling, but something we never had the time to add to our business. So in New Zealand, I decided Youtube would be my number one focus.

And it was waaaaay harder than I expected. Even though I’d been professionally filming and editing for years, making vlogs and trying to get them noticed on Youtube was a whole other beast! So we went to some fellow RVers to get their expertise.

I started working through Keep Your Daydream’s course aptly named How to Start a Youtube Channel (affiliate link). Marc and Tricia just finished their fifth season of their show on Youtube and have over 150K subscribers (#goals).

How to Start a Youtube Channel goes through the whole process of starting your first Youtube channel, starting with uploading your cover image on your channel page and choosing your channel name and ending with how to share your videos on social media and how to respond to negative comments.

Why I Love This Product

When you’re starting anything new, you end up Googling a LOT. When do I upload my latest video? What should I title it? What are Youtube keywords? How can I put on ads so I can start earning money?

I love KYD’s course because it takes out all the guesswork so I spend less time reading article after article trying to find the answers. Everything I needed to know is right there in the course. It saved me a ton of time plus answered all the questions I didn’t know I had and taught me about features on Youtube I didn’t even know existed.

Plus, the course comes with access to private Facebook group where you can ask Marc questions you have as you build your channel.

I can tell a clear difference from before we enrolled in this course and afterwords, specifically when I just look at our homepage.

Before KYD’s course, we just posted random titles and keywords, without any real consistency in what we were doing. (Like when we posted a few videos from the Florida Keys in the summer of 2017.)

After realizing how much keywords and cover images made an impact, we really started adding this into our Youtube process and it was an instant difference (as you can see in the New Zealand videos below).

If you want to launch and grow a Youtube channel and learn from someone who has went through this process firsthand, I can’t recommend Keep Your Daydream’s course enough.

Check out Keep Your Daydream’s course on starting a Youtube channel.

Claim Your Discount

Use the code 12DAY at check out to receive a $120 discount on KYD’s course.

This deal ends when our 12 Deals of Christmas end on December 7th.

Check out Keep Your Daydream’s course on starting a Youtube channel here.

Day 6: My favorite thing I’ve been given in 2018

Christmas is the season of giving, so I’ve been thinking about my favorite thing I’ve been given in 2018 and it’s easy. It’s the stainless steel mugs we gave away at our RVE Summit in February.

These mugs were donated to attendees by the amazing Jason & Rose who live in Australia and run a company called Better for Your. They make double-walled stainless steel mugs, cups, and tumblers that are free of paint, dye, lead, ink, chemicals or any of that other bad stuff you don’t want with your morning cup of coffee.

Why I Love This Product

I swear, these mugs are indestructible. We’ve taken them from our Winnebago all the way to New Zealand and Australia and Hawaii and Canada and they still look brand new. We’ve broken a lot of mugs in our 4+ years of RVing, so shatter-proof mugs like this are essential.

Since Jason & Rose tend to go above and beyond when we met up with them at the Summit, they actually gave us two inscribed mugs with our names so Heath & I never mix up our morning coffee. The mugs they are currently selling on Amazon for our deal each have a different color on them (Black & White, Blue & Pink, Purple & Orange, Red & Green, Rose & Teal) so you and your travel partner never get your mugs confused either. Which I seriously love because Heath doesn’t add sugar to his coffee and I really don’t want to mix up our cups and taste that.

Plus, the mugs keep your coffee hot FORVER, which as you may have noticed in our New Zealand videos, is a must for me since Heath usually makes my coffee while I keep on sleeping.

Check out Jason & Rose’s stainless steel mugs on Amazon.

Claim Your Discount


To grab your own stainless steel mugs, visit Amazon here.

Day 5: This deal is FREE!

Today we’re giving away free copies of my ebook, A Beginner’s Guide to Living in an RV on Amazon.

Why I Wrote This Book

It’s safe to say when I moved into an RV, I had no clue how anything worked. I had spent exactly one night in an RV ever and the last time I had been camping, I woke up with the flu.

But Heath and I desperately wanted to travel and RVing was the cheapest way to visit all 50 states. We spent our first year on the road making a lot of mistakes—flooding our shower, trying to plug our RV into a regular power outlet, getting our jacks stuck in the mud, a propane leak that nearly killed us…Good times.

And while there are a ton of RV blogs dedicated to sharing how to jump into RV life, I couldn’t find a good book that walked you through each part of the transition, from picking out an RV to how to find an RV park. In the book I cover everything I wish I’d known before we started RVing, like how to get internet on the road, our monthly expenses living in an RV, how to tow a car behind your motorhome, how we handle health insurance, and more.

My book is a year old now and it’s been amazing to see how many thousands of people have purchased the book and then sent me photos of their first RV trip or emailed me to say how the book answered so many of their RV life questions. I love knowing that the book I spent years researching and writing is helping people jump into the lifestyle I’ve loved so much.

Claim Your Discount


Day 4: How to find the best internet on the road

Our first year on the road, we survived—somehow—on 8 GBs of Verizon data each month. But mostly we suffered through RV park wifi and visited a LOT of coffee shops to get by.

We had no idea how getting internet on the road would work, so we just went to our local Verizon store and did what they suggested.

Image result for gif big mistake huge

Not only were we stuck with very limited data, we also weren’t getting the best speeds or using the best device. We were newbies and didn’t know any better.

But in our second year of RVing, we met Chris & Cherie of RV Mobile Internet when they passed through Austin and our eyes were opened to a whole world of mobile internet options.

Chris and Cherie literally write the book on how to get internet anywhere, whether you’re in an RV or a boat or however you travel. They created their MIA (Mobile Internet Aficionados) Membership, which is the resource and community Heath and I used to find the unlimited data plan we’ve used for the past three years.

So really, we owe our blog and podcast and everything we do online to Chris & Cherie because without their information, Heath & I would still be bickering over who could sit closest to our hotspot so our email would load faster. (Oh and in case you were wondering, we now blaze through around 150 GBs/month in data, so unlimited data is a MUST!)

Why I Love This Product

If you want to travel and run a business on the road, internet is a non-negotiable. For us, unlimited data plans are the best way to go, but big networks like AT&T and Verizon don’t offer truly unlimited data plans anymore. You might see commercials for unlimited plans, but Chris & Cherie are the people that read the fine print and can tell you what deals are worth it, which ones are a sham, and what’s the best alternative.

They are on top of all the latest news, the best gadgets, and the best networks. I love knowing that as part of their community, I never have to do any of the research for what plans are best because they’ve already got a blog or a video or a post on it with all the details fully explained.

As part of their annual MIA membership, you get access to their classroom, newsletters, and exclusive content like product reviews, guides, and videos. Plus, when you have questions, they have their Q&A forum and webinars to answer them. You’ll also get a PDF copy of their latest Mobile Internet Handbook, which they updated annually.

To learn more about the RV Mobile Internet membership, you can visit their website here.

Claim Your Discount

Use the code 12DAYSXMAS on the sign up page to receive $10 off the annual membership.

This deal ends at the end of our 12 Deals of Christmas on December 8th.

To learn more about RV Mobile Internet, you can visit their website here.

Day 3: Our favorite camping membership (and a delicious way to save money on the road)

Before I get into today’s deal, I have to tell you about the best burger I’ve ever eaten.

It was at a pub in middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania. Heath and I had been driving alllllllll day from Maine, which is code for there is no way I’m cooking. We pulled into the parking lot and parked our Winnebago in the back.

I sat down in the pub and looked at the specials board and there it was, written in chalk. A cheeseburger with caramelized onions and bacon jam and jalapeño relish. I wasn’t even sure what those last two things really were, but I had a feeling it was going to be amazing. To this day, it goes down in history as the best burger I’ve ever had. The perfect blend of sweet and salty and spicy.

Today’s deal is for Harvest Hosts, an RV membership that allows you to camp for free at select wineries, breweries, and farms across North America. We’ve talked about Harvest Hosts on our blog before, and everyone I know always focuses on how HH is a great way to save money and experience local wine. And I mean, I get it. Wine is great.


So I’m here today to tell you that I’ve had some good wine at Harvest Hosts. I’ve met cool people and visited places I never otherwise would’ve heard of. And that’s all well and good.

But this burger.

This burger changed my life*.

Why I Love This Product

Okay I’ll stop talking about this burger, because now I’m famished.

One of the things that initially attracted us to Harvest Hosts was how it could save us money and give us a break from RV parks. Cause while I’ve visited a lot of crappy RV parks in the past five years, I’ve never visited a bad Harvest Host spot.

To me, it’s the most unique way to camp and the best way to end a drive day. Sometimes we are parked in a lot behind a brewery, sometimes next to a row of apple trees, sometimes in a huge open field at a winery. It’s always someplace different that we never otherwise would’ve found.

Now, I wouldn’t say Harvest Hosts is always great membership for saving money. Sometimes it is, like when the RV parks in Gettysburg are $60/night and we bought a $20 bottle of wine and enjoyed a peaceful night in a vineyard instead. (Which paid for our annual membership in one night actually.)

But most nights we spend about the same amount on wine or food as we would on camping fees, and it’s always worth it for the experience. (Cause that burger!!!)

How Harvest Hosts Works

Once you sign up for Harvest Hosts, you can login into their member portal and see their 600+ locations across the US and Canada. Once you find a local place where you’d like to stay, contact them following the instructions on their Harvest Hosts profile. Be sure to call the contact 24 hours before you arrive to ensure they can accommodate your rig.

You can stay one night for free, but it is strongly encouraged that you support the business where you are staying. For us this usually means buying a bottle of wine or doing a wine tasting or eating a burger I can still remember well over a year later…

Most HH locations do not offer hookups of any kind (though some do have wifi), so you can expect to boondock during your stay. Every place where we have stayed has allowed us to use our generator if necessary too, but it’s always polite to ask before doing so. Many HH locations are family-friendly and pet-friendly as well.

Aside from my burger from heaven, HH has been a great way to meet small business owners across the country—like the ex-CIA agent who owns a winery in Virginia. I’m excited for you guys to get to experience these cool places across North America.

To learn more about how Harvest Hosts works, you can visit their website here.

Claim Your Discount

Use the code RVENTP10 at check out to receive a 10% discount on the membership.

This discount is good through 12/31. On January 1st, the cost of a Harvest Hosts membership is doubling. By buying a membership before the end of the year, you are locked into the lower price point forever. So when you claim this deal now, you’ll automatically save $40 each coming year you choose to renew your membership.

To learn more and claim your Harvest Hosts discount, click here! 🙂

*Note: I may also be slightly biased because also at this pub Heath joked with the waiter that the food was so good we needed a french fry refill and they actually brought us some. What an amazing day.

Day 2: Learn how to edit from Youtube’s top travel vlogger

Today we’ve got deals on TWO products. Because honestly, we love both and couldn’t choose which one was better.

Today’s deal comes from our friends Kara & Nate, who you may remember from episode 136 of the podcast. Or if you’re one of their 400,000+ subscribers on Youtube, you’ve probably seen us in a few of their videos since we love meeting up on the road. We just spent two weeks RVing across Canada with them last month and it was a blast!

But onto the deals!

I’m a big fan of everything Kara & Nate do, mostly because they are two of the kindest, most generous people I know. There are two things we go to Kara & Nate to for advice: travel hacking and Youtube.

In case you haven’t heard of it, travel hacking is the science of never (or rarely) paying for your hotels or airfare. It’s the best. Kara & Nate have been travel hacking their way across the world (currently on country #83) and saving thousands and thousands of dollars. Since people (AKA me) were always asking for advice on how to do the same, Nate published a course called 30 Days to Becoming a Travel Hacker (aff link). He breaks down how you can earn points and find the best travel deals.

Aside from being awesome travel hackers, earlier this year Kara & Nate won the Shorty Award for the Best Travel Vlog on Youtube because their videos are AMAZING. They are a huge influence on why Heath & I started our Youtube adventures.

A few months back, Kara created a course specifically on how to edit vlogs. If you’ve ever seen any of their videos, you know Kara is a PRO editor, but she had zero film experience before launching their Youtube channel. Her course is aptly called Kara’s Behind the Scenes Guide to Creating a Vlog (aff link).

Why I Love Nate’s Course

When Heath and I first started traveling, we were making almost no money, running out of savings, and ignoring our student debt while we adventured. My number one priority was finding ways to save money without giving up on travel. Enter travel hacking.

Heath & I picked up an airline credit card and a hotel credit card, garnering points as we paid for our expenses across the country. But after first meeting Nate in Nashville, I realized we were total rookies when it came to travel hacking. Because while I was happy earning 10,000 points—AKA enough for a cheap roundtrip flight on Southwest—Nate was blogging about how to earn a million points.

I can’t even wrap my head around how many free flights and hotel stays that ends up being, but they’ve traveled to over 80 countries in the past few years relying mostly on points. So clearly Nate is a genius.

This year Heath and I have traveled more internationally and Nate’s advice on how to pay only $11 on a flight from Nashville to Japan or how to fly Business Class for only $50 has saved us thousands of dollars in airfare alone. And really the only thing better than flying to a beautiful new country is knowing you only paid $30 for your ticket.

You can see Nate’s full course curriculum and what you can expect to learn in the course here.

Why I Love Kara’s Course

Several years ago, we had a Skype call with Kara & Nate where they told us their grand plan to take a year to travel the world. They knew they wanted to film their adventures, but weren’t sure how to go about it. We gave them some camera tips and shared what we had learned after a year of filming our documentary.

Fast-forward three and a half years and now Kara is my go-to for inspiration and tips for video editing. She’s edited over 500 videos that have millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Her work is amazing and every time we get to hang out, we end up nerding out on video editing techniques and practices.

But other than being an amazing editor, what I love about Kara’s course is how focused it is. She doesn’t try to cover everything you need to know about Youtube. She focuses on what is arguably the most difficult and overwhelming part of video: editing.

This is where many new Youtubers get stuck, because editing is both creative and incredibly technical. Kara in her videos goes step-by-step through her process to show you exactly how she starts, builds, cuts, and exports her videos.

You can see Kara’s full course curriculum and what you can expect to learn in the course here.

Claim Your Discount


Note: Due to the way travel hacking works, Nate’s course is only available to Americans or anyone able to apply for credit in the US.

Learn more about:

30 Days to Becoming a Travel Hacker 

Kara’s Behind the Scenes Guide to Creating a Vlog

Day 1: This resource helped us double our blog income

Last week, I shared a blog post talking about how long it takes to make money as a blogger. It was a blog post I’d been wanting to write for a while because I hear almost every day from new bloggers and RVers that their biggest goal is to make money blogging.

So today’s deal is specifically for bloggers or anyone who is trying to monetize a website. It’s Michelle Schroeder’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course (this is, appropriately, an affiliate link).

Michelle is one of my favorite bloggers who I constantly go to for advice and encouragement. Her blog is full of tips for new bloggers, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for advice on how to save or make more money.

Plus, her blog earns her over a million dollars a year(!!!) and reading her monthly income reports is both inspiring and intimidating. My goal is to make in a year what Michelle makes in a month. So when it comes to making money from our blog, Michelle is my #1 go-to resource.

Why I Love This Product

I tell bloggers about Michelle’s course all the time because it made the biggest difference for Heath and I. In the months before taking her course in 2016, we were making anywhere from $20 to $200 a month from our blog.

After taking her course in the summer, we doubled our monthly income to $400+ a month. And by the end of year we were making over $1,000 a month all from our blog. Looking at the numbers, we made back the full cost of the course within two months.

Hands down, the best thing we did to build up our passive income was taking the time to work through Michelle’s course. Instead of randomly adding in affiliate links and wishing for the best, we had education and strategy and new ideas for how to grow our income. We started reaching out to more companies to become affiliates and worked our way through Michelle’s list of 80+ affiliate programs worth joining (which is one of the most brilliant things you’ll see in the course).

Plus, when it comes to promoting affiliates, there are (ever-changing) laws regarding how and when you can promote products. Michelle’s course is constantly updated so you can always make sure your blog is 100% legal. To me, this is the biggest stressor when it comes to promoting products, so her lessons on properly promoting affiliate links are invaluable.

To see the full course curriculum and more information on what all you will learn in the course, click here.

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