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“This man is making the ULTIMATE EXPLORATION into part-time America.”Business Insider

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“[Heath and Alyssa] have connected with millions of Americans.”People Magazine

Film Summary

When we graduated college, we both started full-time office jobs. We had great jobs doing what we thought we wanted to do with our lives, but it wasn’t the life we thought it would be. We spent most of our days sitting at desks, staring at screens, and dreaming about traveling.

Alyssa lasted eleven months, Heath lasted less than eight.

We didn’t want to be those 23-year-olds who just irresponsibly quit their jobs with no plan. We wanted to intentionally figure out what type of work we wanted to do and how to get paid doing what we loved.

With our wedding date drawing near, we decided to take an extended honeymoon to travel while we explored what work we wanted to do.

Along with the help of a mentor, Heath came up with the idea to work a different hourly job in each state. If that sounds crazy to you, that’s because it was.

Fortunately, Snagajob, the country’s largest hourly job board, believed in our craziness and graciously agreed to sponsor our project. It’s because of Snagajob lending us film equipment that we were able to make our adventure into a feature-length documentary.

Hourly America isn’t a documentary about the plight of the hourly worker. It’s practically the opposite. Our film is about what we learned from hourly workers across the country who find meaning in their work—regardless of what they are doing.

Watch Hourly America ($10)

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Watch Hourly America ($10)