The One Truth That Helped Me Write Thousands of Words Easily

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I spent most of today working on my first draft of my ebook that I ambitiously hope to finish writing by the end of January. Here is a sneak peak:

my first ebook scrivener

Well, it’s only one day old really. It’s not pretty yet! But today I ended up writing over 3,000 words in a couple short hours.

I write nearly every day, but this is a rarity for me. I never, if ever, can write so much in such a small window of time. I am usually caught up in distractions, checking Facebook, sending emails, or trying to figure out which song just came on the shuffle and deciding if I actually like it or if I should skip it. (Currently listening to the Parent Trap soundtrack, which never gets skipped.)

Often I sit down to write blogs, but the distractions outnumber the words I have to say, and I eventually end up watching Heroes or Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I highly recommend both shows, by the way.

Last week, I took five days to outline all of the ideas floating in my head for an ebook. I made a list of questions that each chapter should answer, noted different stories to tell when, and took extra time noting anything I felt would be important for others to learn from me. It took me longer than it should’ve because I kept thinking of things that would be more fun to do instead of writing, like finding out what happened to Peter at the end of that last episode of Heroes!

But today, the words flowed like magic. I finished the first draft of my introduction and in my fit of inspiration I dreamed up a new chapter and began digging into that as well.

It felt freeing. I genuinely loved the words I wrote, not because they were any good, but because I was writing directly from my heart. I wasn’t writing because it was my weekly obligation to post a blog, but because I had something to say.

Sometimes, I write blogs out of compulsion. It’s like an unspoken contract I have with WordPress to produce contently weekly. And some weeks, I found myself staring at the screen with no words. No thoughts. Absolutely nothing interesting. My mind is as flat and boring as West Texas.

That’s why I have so any “Update from the Road” blogs. I had nothing to say other than “we used to be in that state, but now we’re in this state.” Fascinating stuff, Pulitzer worthy I bet.

I was trying too hard to force it.

Last week while I outlined my ebook, I unwittingly empowered myself to believe I have something to share. I have value that I can provide in other people’s lives.

And suddenly, I feel more freedom. Freedom to write my book and freedom to post this blog to share with you right now. Because I suddenly believed I have something to say. Recognizing this helped me write thousands of words easily, 3,057 to be exact, plus the 720 words in this post so far.

Will I feel the same writing freedom tomorrow? Maybe. Probably not. I’ve found confidence to be a resource that needs constant refueling and inspiration one to waltz in as it pleases. I don’t know when I will have this same bout of inspiration, but I know when it comes again, I’ll be anxious to take advantage of it.

For today, I sat down and wrote my book until my fingers grew weary and then I started in on this blog post for you. In fact, my wrist is actually sore from being so well utilized today.

I can’t wait to share this book with you. It will be so much more than those silly update blogs you’ve read from me before. I hope that you can read this book and walk away learning a few things about life. My untitled ebook will be given away for free to all of my email subscribers, so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you’d like a copy when I publish it next month!

PS: In case you were wondering, I use a writing program called Scrivener for almost all of my writing (as seen in the picture above). It makes me feel like if someone looked over my shoulder at a coffee shop, they would think I’m doing something really important.

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  • Best of luck on your new book. It is magic when the words flow almost without effort. Too bad it doesn’t work that way all of the time! I’ve enjoyed reading your travel adventures. The spouse and I (we’re both retired) hope to hit the road this next year. So far we’ve just done a few short trips.

    • Thanks, Jann! How long will your trip be this year? Heath and I have only done extended trips, so we’re looking forward to some shorter, less stressful travels in 2015!

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