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Will you help us finish our documentary?

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Almost two years ago, Alyssa and I made two crazy decisions.

  1. Quit our jobs, buy an RV and kickstart our marriage with a cross-country road trip to all 50 states.
  2. Work a job in every state and film it for a documentary.

Both of these decisions have helped shape Alyssa’s and my marriage in the best of ways. Deciding to live in an RV has ultimately helped us experience more of the country than we ever imagined. Plus, we’ve grown closer together through every little breakdown and setback we’ve encountered.

The documentary part, Hourly America, has been even more challenging.

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Overcoming the fears associated with starting a career as a film maker and doing something so big has been terrifying to say the least. The process of finding and working a different job in all 50 states has been the most growth oriented and eye opening thing I’ve ever done. Working as a park ranger in Alaska, zombie at Six Flags, barista, bartender, server, and the dozens of other jobs I’ve experienced have all helped shape me into the person I am today.

If this is the first you’re hearing about Hourly America, it’s because I try to keep most of my blogs catered towards serving my RV community. I want to help encourage and inspire people to live a more meaningful life through adventure and owning less (to give you a complete overview of the backstory and mission of Hourly America, you can visit this page).

The reason I wrote this post today, is because Alyssa and I could seriously use your help. This is a no-pressure ask. Obviously you’re reading this from your phone or computer… and we are far away from each other. I’m not awkwardly walking up to you and asking in person, so it’s much easier to click out of this email and just say no. 🙂

My question is this, would you help Alyssa and I finish our Hourly America documentary?

Right now Alyssa and I have just a little over a week left in an Indiegogo campaign where we are taking donations to help us complete our Hourly America documentary. We have raised over $9,000 from 107 backers (at the time of writing this), but still need to raise $11,000 more to reach our goal. If you could contribute to our campaign it would mean that we could finish our documentary and bring it into the world.

If you want to help donate to our Indiegogo campaign, click on the link below.

Why should you help us?

In all honesty, I believe it’s something you have to feel compelled to do. But just to make my case, I wrote down a few reasons.

1. I believe our documentary is going to help inspire thousands of people. To this date, our documentary has been featured in several huge national media outlets all over the world: CNN, CBS, Fox and Friends, Huffington Post Live, People Magazine, Daily Mail, Boston Globe, and others. The reason I tell you this isn’t to brag about being in media, but to prove that our message has resonated with people throughout the globe. I believe once our film is finished, it can have an even greater impact.

2. You can help two young documentarians accomplish a crazy dream that few thought were possible. A couple years ago we were just recent college grads with a crazy dream. Who would have thought we could make a real-life movie and share it with world? If we were running a marathon… you would be the encouraging person at the 25 mile mark, handing us a cup of water so that we can keep going.

3. I think it’s important to support big dreams. So much of what we see in the media is negative and so many big dreams die every day. Why not put effort behind supporting people who are trying to make it a better place?

4. This isn’t as much of a “rah-rah” reason… but we created a really cool RV t-shirt that features our former RV, Franklin, that you can get when you give to our Indiegogo campaign. 🙂 You will love it.

RV t-shirt

I know this is a big ask. I don’t take it lightly. It’s been hard to reach out to people and ask for money. But the honest to goodness truth is… that if we didn’t believe in this project and absolutely need the support, we wouldn’t ask. Making a documentary isn’t something that can be done extremely cheap and we are doing it on a much tighter budget than most film makers.

A few questions you might have.

When will the documentary come out?

We will finish editing our documentary by March 12th (yes, that soon). We will then pass it around to our film maker friends to get feedback and make revisits to the film. We plan to air the film this fall on Labor Day weekend in Austin, Texas.

Where will I be able to watch it?

This is a more difficult question. The simple answer: we will finish the film and it will be available online.

The longer answer: Once we finish editing the film, we will “shop it around” to different television networks to see if we can get an interest from a national network to air our film on TV. That is the ultimately goal.

Didn’t you guys have a sponsor? Why do you need more money?

Yes, we did have a sponsorship from Snagajob to go on the journey. Snagajob gave us a monthly stipend while we were on the road and helped me line up the jobs. However, the sponsorship agreement ended when we finished the actual road trip portion of Hourly America. The funding for the editing process was something we had to take care of on our own (hence: the Indiegogo campaign).

What are you going to do with the money?

On our Indiegogo Campaign page you’ll see a complete breakdown of where we will be spending all of our money for our film.

No matter what you decide to do, thank you for being a part of my community. I hope asking for help doesn’t rub you the wrong way. I promise not to spam you or my blog in the next week with tons of posts asking for support for our documentary, it’s just something I care about enough to humble myself and ask for some help.

– Heath

P.S The film is now complete. You can watch it online here!

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