RVE 218: Where Should We Camp Next?

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We are back after a week off the show because Heath and I visited some family in Texas we hadn’t seen in six months. Plus it was 70 degrees and sunny when we got here and that is the perfect weather to take a break from your laptop screen and enjoying the outdoors. We soaked up as much sun as we could.

Talking about enjoying the great outdoors, on today’s podcast episode, we are tackling one of the BEST problems RVers face on the road: where should we camp next?

In their latest book, Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi share the best campgrounds, glampgrounds, and destinations to add to your travel plans. We got an advance copy of the book and I’ve already taken pictures of different chapters and sent it to my traveling friends saying you should stay here.

In today’s episode, Heath, Jeremy, and Stephanie talk about how the camping industry has changed, how they’ve planned roadtrips, and what makes campgrounds awesome. If you want suggestions on where to camp next, you can pick up their new book anywhere books are sold.

But before we dive into today’s episode, thank you to this week’s unsponsored sponsor, Craft Beer Travel and Adventure.

(A few months ago, we asked our RV Entrepreneur FB group to send us their own 30-second ad promoting their remote business and it’s been really fun choosing which unsponsored sponsor as Heath calls them, each week. If you want to have your business promoted on the show, you can send us a voicemail to be included!)

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  • My 1st started on rv in a Volkswagen Van 30 years ago then work took over one day so l

    Put the van for sale and went to the salt mine
    30 years later hear i am in a awesome geopro 19 rd and a great truck sold the family ranch and everything else i had and went to tx and now I am here and nervous about the new life what to do and where to go from here.

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