whats next for heath and alyssa

What’s next?

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So last month we bought a house.

It’s huge.

I mean life-decision-wise it’s huge. It’s just a normal house in an exceptionally beautiful part of Colorado.

We are no longer full-time RVers.

Which means I feel EXTRA pressure to deliver something unforgettably amazing to your inbox today.

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Instead, I’ll just go for something short and honest.

Heath and I both started blogging in 2011 before we even knew each other because we both wanted to be writers. Unlike most RVers with their cute nomadic Instagram handles, we didn’t create HeathandAlyssa.com to share our travels with family and friends back home. (See the comments in our free blogging course to show that that’s why 90% of people start their travel blogs).

We started blogging to write books. Share stories. Because it’s something we couldn’t not do. And if we could find a way to support ourselves doing it, that was our dream job—and one we’d want to keep for decades, not just while we RVed.

So we created HeathandAlyssa.com

Not RVentrepreneurs.com

Not theTravelingPadgetts.com

Not RV.blog, which Heath really lobbied me to buy for some reason.

Heath & Alyssa.

Just us.

So that no matter what we were doing in life—traveling to all 50 states, filming a documentary, hosting a conference, starting a software company, building a campground, living abroad—we would have an outlet to write about it.

We actually did a whole podcast on this decision way back in 2016 (episode 61).

Because blogging, podcasting, writing books—it’s what we love to do no matter what.

Our blog hasn’t been about RVing for a long time. I’m pretty sure the last how-to article I wrote on RVing was back in 2017 when I launched my book. After tens of thousands of words of “here’s the difference between a class A and class C motorhome,” I was pretty tapped out.

Instead, we slowly transitioned to talking more and more about business and the struggles of RV entrepreneurship. Creating a life based on your own rules. Starting a business from scratch. Finding ways to grow your business while working less so you can travel more. Occasionally I’ve thrown in a really important article on how to make tacos in your RV. For the most part, we’re all business.

But in like a fun, not-boring way though.

Which is how our blog (and podcast and newsletter) are going to stay.

Sharing stories from Heath on building Campground Booking.

Talking about how to do big crazy things in your life.

And hopefully telling lots of stories of the big crazy thing in our life next: a campground.

But more on that soon 🙂

It feels like it’s a big transition, dropping that title of “full-timer,” but we’re still the same bite-off-more-than-we-can-chew adventurous entrepreneurs. Except now we don’t have to share a bedroom with a toddler 🙂

I’m really excited about what 2021 is going to bring our way! 🙂

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