What It's been like living and traveling in an RV

RVE 006: What It’s Like Living, Working, and Traveling in an RV With Your Spouse

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Welcome to episode six of The RV Entrepreneur Podcast! In this episode of The RV Entrepreneur Alyssa and I sit down to talk about what it’s been like living, working, and traveling in an RV during our first couple years of marriage.

When looking at Instagram profiles of people who travel a lot it’s easy to be convinced they are living this perfect kind of dream life, constantly going on adventures, doing yoga on random mountain tops (do people really do Yoga on top of mountains?) and posting corny photos of their lattes in the snowy mountains.

But now that we’ve done the whole traveling bit for a couple of years, I have a much more realistic view of what the full-time travel lifestyle is really like (especially when you’re balancing it with a new marriage). Everyday is not a new adventure on a mountain or swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

Most of our mornings in the RV are extremely non glamorous and normal. We wake up, put on a cup of coffee, read a while, journal and then get to work.

While our “off days” are a bit more exciting, they are very few and far in between. In the past couple years we’ve traveled to multiple national parks, adventured the Pacific Coast Highway, and even slept on a glacier in Alaska.

Randomly came across this photo of me sitting on a bench at Glacier National Park in northern Montana. It was the summer before last. It’s been awhile since we’ve ventured to any national parks and I miss it so much. This summer we’re making it a priority to spend more time in national parks, dry camping, excessively roasting s’mores and going on random hikes. Right now our priority has been just finishing our documentary and work work work… but I’m really longing to get back to the more “nomadic-style” of life that first sucked us into the RV lifestyle. The first park we plan on hitting up this spring is Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas! Can’t wait. I’m going to veg out and do absolutely nothing all week. Except for sit in the hot springs and chase off bears who try to eat my food. Wait a minute… There’s no bears in Arkansas, right?

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But most of our days aren’t the crazy adventure they probably seem like on Instagram (and I apologize if I ever lead you otherwise). Most of our time is spent working during the day on our laptops (like regular people), occasionally questioning the overall direction of our lives (like regular 20 somethings), and binge-watching Marvel and DC shows on Netflix during the evening (like regular nerdy millennials).

And if we’re being really honest here for a moment (and we are), living, working, and traveling full-time in an RV hasn’t always been peachy keen.

In the past two years of living and traveling full-time in an RV, we’ve had to figure out:

  • How to get along together in a small space
  • How to work together on client projects (essentially: how in the heck do we be creative and honest with each other without being rude?)
  • How to not get stressed when our GPS tells us to go a certain way and we end up lost in a city we’ve never been in before
  • Is it okay for one of us to be working and the other one to hang out and watch The Office?

While we’re a million miles away from having all of these things figured out, we’ve been forced to grow a lot together since moving into an RV two years ago.

What Does This Have to Do With Starting a Business on the Road?

First of all, Alyssa and I are business partners. We’ve filmed multiple client projects over the past couple years and work on everything as a team. Secondly, if you want to travel with your spouse and work on the road, then some of the problems we talk about on today’s episode will inevitably be issues that rise up.

We just wanted to be transparent and share some of the journey with you guys (the good and the bad).

In today’s episode we talk about:

  • Our “30 day” rule towards stuff we don’t use in our RV
  • How long it took us before we monetized our film skills
  • What a typical work day looks like in the RV
  • Whether you should start a business before traveling or build one while you’re already on the road
  • How we made it through our first year of full-time travel (even when at one point we had $62 in our bank account)
  • The most stressful part of living, working, and traveling in an RV

A few of the links and resources mentioned in this episode:

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  • Saw your post on FtF on FB and decided to take a look at your page. On my way to an hourly (working for the baseball spring training season in AZ for the month of March). Will have to catch more of your road life tonight after work. Been full-timing for our 6th year. Love that you two are doing this so young! Catch you after work!

    • Aw super cool Darla! Huge baseball fan and I bet it’s beautiful out there right now! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      • So warm and wonderful! Although, I must admit, we’re so busy, we don’t really get to see the games!

        • Ah, I understand :/. Well still, not a bad place to spend your time. I love working outside.

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  • This was a great show, we felt like you guys were talking directly to us lol. With Sabrina starting to travel full time for work starting in June we are trying to come up with a plan. Rving for us is very appealing so that we can spend more time together. As Alyssa says it’s the best thing about it. We also get the “are you crazy?” comment lol. It makes us want to do it more!!! It’s nice that the two of you have had this experience and are willing to share what you have learned. We appreciate it!

    • Haha, yay I’m glad you enjoyed it! We are definitely all crazy, but it’s totally worth it 🙂

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