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My name is Heath Padgett. I’m a writer, film maker and born n’ raised Texan. Last year I quit my job in software sales to travel across across 50 states in an RV with my newlywed wife. Along the way I worked an hourly wage job in every state and filmed a documentary called Hourly America.

What is this site about?

Here on I write about how to build something as a entrepreneur, RV Travel, and life lessons from working an hourly wage job in every state.My Story: The Brief Version

Last year in 2014, I faced a few personal dilemmas in my life:


I spent a more than considerable amount of time on Instagram scrolling through traveler’s profiles and reading too much of The Alchemist. I knew that I wanted to see the world, but didn’t know how that would be possible while I was so young.


For some time I’ve had a passion for writing and entrepreneurial ventures, but I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I knew that I couldn’t grow as a writer as long as I had the complacency of a day job to keep me comfortable. I needed to be pushed outside my comfort zone.


I love Texas. It’s the greatest country in the world. But you can only take so many days over 100 degrees before you say, “I’ve had it.”


I had graduated from college and taken a job in software sales. As it turned out, I wasn’t cut out for sales. It wasn’t my dream or something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I felt bored. I needed more meaning and adventure.

The Solution

In an attempt to fight boredom and escape the Texas summers, my wife and I quit our full-time jobs  to pursue a crazy adventure/bucket list item together. We wanted to travel to all 50 states on our honeymoon.

However, we didn’t want to just travel, we wanted to do something creative, a bit crazy, and unconventional during our time on the road.  As writers we wanted to pursue a type of travel that allowed us to not only see America, but live the type of adventure that made for a good story.

While still figuring out what I wanted to do with my life and being open to options, I came up with an idea to go and work a different job in all 50 states. It was the adventure I had been looking and hoping for.

After finding a company to help sponsor us (Yes! I didn’t know this was possible either. Read this to learn how I found a sponsor.), buying an RV, and saying our vows, we hit the road four days after our wedding. On a quest we called Hourly America I set out to worked an hourly wage job in every single state while my wife filmed the entire thing for a documentary that is currently in the works.

To read the entire story of how we got started on Hourly America and our full-time travel lifestyle, keep reading below! The video below was made using our footage on the road with the help of some awesome producers from CNN.

People Who Don’t Think We’re (too) Crazy

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Jia Jiang, author of Rejection Proof, TedX Speaker

When you think about people traveling across America in RVs, you envision people with gray hair and fat 401(k)s, not this couple… It’s a strange story: one day a young guy wrote me an email asking for a meetup over coffee. Fast forward six months, he’s driving an RV on the East Coast with his wife while contributing as an integral part of my business. It’s also a great story though – one with courage and adventure.

Nikki Wynn,

I don’t know about you, but these two motivate me!  Such go getters as my grandmother would have said.  I see public speaking gigs or a self help series in their future.

Chris Guillebeau, NY Times Bestselling author of Happiness of Pursuit and $100 Start Up

I met Alyssa and Heath Padgett when they joined our media team for WDS 2014. They arrived with an interesting story—as part of an unconventional honeymoon, they were visiting all 50 states in a used RV, working an hourly job in each one. 

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What You’ll Get From

I want to help encourage you to challenge the status quo and build something meaningful in your life.

While Alyssa and I traveled the entire country at 23 years old, something we heard so many people say was, “I wish I could do something like that.”

Our response was always the same, “You can!”

We didn’t have much money starting out (and to be honest, still don’t) but we were able to come up with a monumental dream and execute on it. We’ve also learned how to get along in our first year of marriage while living in a 29-foot RV, working full-time on a documentary together, and traveling to every state in the country.

If you want to learn more about how we paid for our travels or how you can travel for cheap, I’ve put together a free course called How to See America on $2k/month where I teach you everything we learned on how to live and travel cheap during our first year on the road.