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A sneak peek at our upcoming documentary Hourly America

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Lately I’ve talked on my blog about our upcoming documentary, Hourly America.

When we started filming a year and a half ago, I had never filmed anything in my life. It’s crazy to me that now we are mere weeks away from having a complete movie ready to be seen–and people are actually saying that they are excited to watch it. My movie. This crazy little film that my husband and I made. (Eeeeeek times a MILLION)

This week, Heath and I have focused on talking to every person we can find who works in film to gain their insight and feedback. We are gobbling up advice and ideas and talking about what our next step is and what our next film project will be (I can’t tell you about it yet–but it is going to be SO POWERFUL. I even wrote it in caps so you know it will be cool.)

So instead of writing a blog this week to let you in on our RV life, I want to share with you some mini-episodes of Hourly America. These are clips from the jobs that didn’t make it into the final film, but were just too good not to share.

I hope watching these clips gives you a glimpse into what it was like traveling the country, meeting strangers, and filming my husband work some random jobs.

I agreed to tag along with Heath in his crazy 50 job documentary plan because I was thinking about all the sights we’d see. The Pacific Ocean along the coast of California, the mountains in Montana, the leaves changing in Vermont. I was excited for the travel and the honeymoon aspect of it all.

But the most memorable parts of the trip–the most meaningful parts–turned out to be meeting the average, everyday people whom Heath shadowed for work. The people who fry fish for a living and who sing the voicemail recording to the tune of Disney classics. (You’ll see.)


And please tell me what you think!
Job #27: Bob’s Clam Hut

Job #42: NS4L (New Scooters for Less)

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  • You two crack me up! I love how you’re straight-to-the-point and Heath just rolls with it. And oh my gosh, “do you want to buy a scooter?” genius!

    You definitely have a good eye for filming. I’m pumped to see how this turns out!!

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