RVE 0027: How The RV Geeks Built the Most Popular RVing Youtube Channel

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On today’s podcast I’m interviewing Peter and John from TheRVGeeks.com. Peter and John have been RVing for well over ten years and five years ago they started making how-to RV videos and tutorials for some close friends of theirs who had just purchased a new RV.

Flash forward a few years and their Youtube channel now has over 18,000,000 and 70,000 subscribers. In addition to their Youtube channel, they’ve built over 100 websites for RV parks and campgrounds all over the country.

Peter and John didn’t hit the road with the intention of becoming Youtube stars or starting a business. To this day they don’t even consider themselves very entrepreneurial. Yet, they’ve managed to build a well known brand on Youtube and web design business with over 100 repeat customers.

In today’s interview we talk about:

  • How Peter and John accidentally built a massively large Youtube audience as the RV Geeks
  • How they’ve built a web design business servicing over 100 campgrounds across the country
  • Why they turn down over 90% of companies who reach out to them about promoting products

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