RVE 115: How to Set Up Your Business and Handle Taxes as an RV Entrepreneur

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In this episode, I’m interviewing Heather Ryan to talk about how to set up and manage a business as an RV entrepreneur. Heather is an EA, Enrolled Agent, all-around an expert in taxes and actually our accountant for Campground Booking.

Many people have questions about the right kind of business to set up and what you can expense while traveling in RV. I know everyone’s situation is a bit different, so we dig in into a few different examples and answer some of your questions about running a business from an RV.

This episode is filled with so much advice specific for RVers that Heather wrote an ebook to help you work through all the different laws and possibilities when creating your business. You can check out her ebook here.

A few things we talk about in this episode:

  • What state should you set up your business in
  • What is a domicile and how to do set one up
  • How setting up your domicile can impact your decisions on taxes, healthcare, and even your driver’s license
  • What you can expense in your RV

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