Two Reasons Why You Should Talk About Your Dreams

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Written from a small town north of Seattle 

This week Alyssa and I were granted a really cool opportunity to help film World Domination Summit 2014. It’s a conference in Portland, Oregon with a bunch of like minded entrepreneurial people who are all trying to take over the world. Last year they rented out the entire Portland Zoo, so I’m expecting nothing short of spectacular. Although filming and being a part of a team for the weekend will be cool, I’m most excited about the conversations I’ll have with people doing something awesome with their lives.

When you’re around someone who understands your beliefs and your passions, it’s so easy to speak from the heart.

Think of a time you’ve had coffee with a mentor-like person. We’ve all been there, he’s talking about his business and how he’s traveling all around the world. This guy just gets me. But we’ve also been there too, in the conference room, where the guy on the other side of the table is a middle-aged middle manager and you’re trying to talk about your passion for blogging and social media. This guy just doesn’t get me.

In the latter it’s easy for us to give up and talk about the weather. Why should we waste our breath talking to this guy who just clearly doesn’t understand my life?

Two reasons why you should absolutely talk about your dreams: One reason is it reinforces and tests just how much you believe in what it is that you’re doing. It’s easy to talk big when you’re around someone who “gets it.” But when you are around someone who doesn’t quite understand what ping backs are, things get tricky. Stand up for what it is that you’re doing and be firm against people who don’t believe in you or don’t understand. It strengthens your faith in your mission, sometimes more so than talking with someone who does believe in you.

Reason number two is you don’t want to develop the habit of belittling your dreams. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of talking yourself down and trying to make yourself seem more “professional” and what not. Just don’t, man. If you start talking small you will start dreaming small. Before you know it you’ll be settling for a cubicle job taking orders from someone who hates what they do. Don’t let that be you. If you really want to achieve and build something worthwhile, you’re going to have to look non believers in the eyes and stand your ground.

This week I’ll meet tens of hundreds of people who are living a life similar to mine. We call ourselves creatives or something like that. We pretend like we know what we’re doing, but most of the time we’re just busting our butt, making the most of what talents we were given. It’s a scary, awesome, and immensely meaningful life. It makes for good conversations. It makes for a few pats on the back and “attaboys.” It’s incredibly inspiring to be around people who believe in what you’re doing and the route you’ve chosen for yourself. After all, they chose the same path.

Unfortunately, the believers aren’t the only ones you’ll face on this journey. So speak your mind and say what it is you’re doing with pride. Some people will believe in you, and others won’t. If I’m speaking from experience, most won’t believe in you. That’s quite alright though because now you have two solid reasons to speak your mind any way.

If you want to build something no one has ever seen before, you have to believe in what you’re doing more than anyone else. If you truly believe in your mission, no affirmation or put down is going to sway you from your calling.

So let’s build. #WDS2014