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Two years ago on Valentine’s Day I remember sitting at a table in my empty apartment, wondering where on earth my fiancé was. It took him three hours to get home from work that night in Austin traffic. By the time he finally made it to my apartment, I had changed out of my dress and was painting in my pajamas (probably not mad at all that he was hours late to our date).

I painted my canvas bright red and scrolled at the top: Heath and Alyssa’s Secret Plan.

We had just come up with the idea to visit all fifty states and I was brainstorming how to make it happen.

The list was simple:

√ Quit Jobs.

√ Buy RV.

√ Get Married.

√ Visit all 50 states.

It would be another month before we decided to turn our honeymoon adventure into something bigger, something that could actually make a difference in the world.

That’s how Hourly America was created. We didn’t want to just travel for ourselves. We wanted a mission.

[If you’ve never heard of Hourly America, you can learn more here.]

We ended up interviewing 75 people across 50 states for our documentary. We heard stories about overcoming cancer, having food thrown at your head, and how giving up salaried jobs was some folks’ best decision ever. We didn’t know it when we started filming, but that’s what Hourly America is about. It’s about what work means to the hundreds of people we met on the road. Work is more than just a paycheck. Your job can be something you love, something that you can’t wait to wake up and do each day.

How You Can Support Hourly America

We’re so close to finishing our documentary. We’re working from Florence, Alabama (it’s pouring down snow right now, by the way) with our editor for the next month before we continue on the road, so it’s mere weeks before we have a finished piece of art!

My question is this, will you help us finish our Hourly America documentary?

Right now Heath and I have five days left in an Indiegogo campaign where we are taking donations to help us complete our Hourly America documentary. We have raised almost $10,000 from 120 backers, but still need to raise $10,000 more to reach our goal. By contributing to the campaign, you are helping us tell the stories of workers from across America.

If you want to help, donate to our Indiegogo campaign, click on the link below:

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Three Awesome Reasons You Should Give Today

  1. I think our documentary is going to be really inspiring. And I’m not just saying that because I filmed it all! This isn’t just the story of two newlyweds traveling the country. It’s about the people who make our country great. I know each and every person included in the film, and they all have such amazing life stories. I know that after you see it, you’ll be inspired too.
  2. Over a hundred people have already committed to helping create this film. Plus, the Hourly America story has been featured worldwide from national news like CBS, CNN, FOX, and People magazine, to international news like the Daily Mail in the UK and Sunrise in Australia. When you donate, you become part of something greater.
  3. Heath and I put our heart and souls into this film. Over the past two years of planning, traveling, and editing, we’ve invested everything we have into Hourly America because we believe in it. Heath has stepped knee high in cow manure, we almost died of asphyxiation from a propane leak, we lived a month without a fridge, we ran out of money and found ways to keep on going…a lot went into making this film. It would mean the world to us if you could help us finish Hourly America!

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If You Can’t Give

If you can’t give to our campaign, we would love if you could help share our message. You can do that by:

  1. Forwarding this email to a few close friends who might enjoy learning more about our project
  2. Sharing a link to our fundraising page on your personal Facebook or Twitter. You can say something like this:
    My friend Alyssa and her husband Heath are raising money to finish their film about working a job in all fifty states. Check out their awesome project:


Whether you give or not, thank you for everything you’ve done to support Hourly America! We couldn’t have made to all 50 states without all of you. To learn more about Hourly America and our fundraising campaign, check out our Indiegogo campaign.