Abigail Schilling

RVE 95: How to Make Your First $20k Using Upwork

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Today on the podcast, I am interviewing Abigail Schilling. 14 months ago, Abigail decided to make a big life change. She quit her job and hit the road in a 1966 Kit Companion vintage camper. Abigail is a serial side hustler — doing everything from creating custom wedding accessories, running a coffee subscription company from the road, hosting a podcast, and creating print on demand t-shirt designs.

But her main side hustle is Upwork. On this website, Abigail has earned over $20,000 for her project management services. In this episode, she will share her secrets to winning at Upwork.

Abigail’s top Upwork tips:

  1. Make a killer profile.
  2. Create an employer account too.
  3. Decide what you want to do.
  4. Get the rising talent badge.
  5. Take skill tests.
  6. Use your credits and submit to jobs intentionally.
  7. Keep the fees in mind when setting your rates.
  8. Low ball for your first client.
  9. End and restart the job with long-term clients (Be sure to get a review!)

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