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RVE 91: Behind the Scenes of our Product Launch at Winnebago

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Today on the podcast, I am talking with Kyle Kesterson (who you might remember from episode 36). Kyle is an app developer, artist, photographer and one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. A few months back, Kyle and I were approached from some of our friends at Winnebago to consult and help them with the launch of three brand new RVs.

Traditionally, when launching new products, RV manufacturers like Winnebago kind of just release the product at a dealer show. It wasn’t really a launch, more of just—here’s the new RV.

So our task with this launch was to help create hype and buzz around a new product (the new Winnebago Revel 4×4), create assets (video and photo), tell the brand story and actually have a synchronized launch to consumers — as well as dealers.

Kyle Kesterson

So for the past few months, we’ve jumped on flights (Iowa, Colorado, and Indiana), coordinated a virtual team, and set goals for the launch. We put in a lot of hours that all culminated on Monday morning for what we called Winnebago Launch Week.

On Monday and Tuesday, we had tens of thousands of eyeballs on the new Winnebago products. We had featured stories landing in places like Forbes, popular industry magazines and even a lot of international news coverage. We were told after our launch that dealers had already started selling RVs, based off of people who had seen some of our launch assets. This is ultimately the highest metric of success in any launch — to sell your product.

Kyle and I were just two pieces of a much bigger team. In today’s episode, I wanted to talk about what goes into creating a successful launch for any product.

And because it is impossible for Kyle and I to have a one track conversation — we cover so much more in this episode — such as everything that happened leading up to this launch for Winnebago, how we assembled the team, tools we used for remote communication, how to use storytelling to create unique content, how to create hype and excitement around your products and make sure your new product/book/course doesn’t fall on deaf ears.  

A few other things we talk about on this episode:

  • How building relationships can lead to really cool projects
  • Creating hype and excitement around your products
  • Using storytelling to create really unique content
  • The momentum triangle — consumption, creation, and communication
  • The balance between input and creativity
  • Setting up processes effectively — “Processes only work as well as people’s willingness to do them”

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