RVE 80: Story Behind Hourly America: How We Were Sponsored to Travel to all 50 States

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Today on the podcast, I have Alyssa coming on the show with me because her podcast takeover from episode 78 was extremely popular (and her adoring fans requested to hear more).

We asked in our Facebook group for ideas on topics that we haven’t covered on the podcast.  One of the comments mentioned hearing more about the story behind Hourly America and how we started working with Snagajob as a sponsor.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Who came up with the idea of Hourly America
  • How we planned the route to all 50 states
  • How we connected with Snagajob and the terms of our sponsorship
  • Pricing a sponsorship agreement

Haven’t watched Hourly America yet?  Watch it on our Facebook page!


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