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RVE 78: RVE Podcast Takeover with Alyssa Padgett

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Hey RV Entrepreneurs! Alyssa here. This week I’m taking over the podcast!

It’s been a beyond crazy week for Heath and me, involving two computer crashes, Heath losing his podcast recordings for this week, and a business trip for Heath that left me alone in the RV for four days! (AND there isn’t a single place that sells wine without a 30-mile radius of this campground. What is going on with the world?!)

That’s when Kelsey, our podcast, and editor and I started texting and came up with a solution…

We are obviously TOTALLY prepared and professional podcast hosts. It took us 4+ hours to figure out how to record this episode and it was a really fun learning experience. But Heath…please come home soon. I am not cut out for this!

BONUS, at the end of the interview, we will also be announcing the dates of the next RV Entrepreneur Summit!

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • A typical day in the dream life of rving – is it really all s’mores and campfires?
  • What am I working on behind the scenes at Heath and Alyssa?
  • Progress on the vlog – how long does it take to get new projects up and running?
  • Evolution of writing skills and tips for new bloggers
  • My new guide to RVing is out!  We have exciting plans for a second launch
  • RV Entrepreneur Summit 2018 – top secret information!

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Today’s episode is sponsored by: CoPilot

The CoPilot RV app will not only customize your routes to avoid sketchy back roads and low bridges, but it also comes with a fully offline navigation function. This way, you don’t have to use your data while using your maps and it works in all kinds of remote locations.

Links mentioned on this episode:

Quotes from this episode:

“If you are working towards something and you just keep hitting a wall, take a break! Go do something else. Come back to it later whenever you have the fresh motivation and you actually want to be there doing it.”

“So, waiting to live your life… don’t do it.  Make a plan.  Get that date on the calendar.  Work for it!”

“If there is something that you want to learn and you don’t have time and you don’t have the bandwidth, it’s worth it 100% to invest in someone else.”

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19 Responses

  • Just finished listening to the podcast and you did a great job Alyssa! 🙂 Way to go.

  • Great job Alyssa! Tons of great tips, advice and experiences I’m sure many people can learn from and put into practice. I’m also happy to get on the waitlist for the Summit since I missed it last year. You guys continue to inspire and educate so many people every day. Cheers! -Kevin

  • Relatively new listener and follower, you did a great job with the podcast Alyssa! Congrats! Hope to hear you more frequently with Heath. 🙂

  • Alyssa, this is my first time ever commenting on your site because I finally felt compelled.
    I learned things from you I just didn’t from Heath. You brought a new personality to the show I don’t want to listen to without from now on. You speak from the heart and I like that. You should definitely take over the podcast full time from now on and let Heath handle the CFO business. All hail Alyssa the new CEO!!!

    Your loyal listener,

    • Hahahaha, thanks Ryan!!! I’m sure we’d end up jailed for tax evasion or get hunted down by creditors if I left all the CFO duties to Heath, but I do like taking over a CEO every once in a while 🙂

      • That’s quite scary. It’s also amesome knowing your side of things though and I would like to hear more of your full story in a future episode. Like… some of the stuff you talked about was more eye opening because you focused more on the little details. Really made me think.

        Also, I agree 100%, let your youtube show all the life as it really is. That would differentiate you and have me coming back for more at least… not that I won’t see everything you guys post anyway.

  • Alyssa, great job! This was a wonderful, informative podcast. I’m planning my move to full time RV life and am learning so much from you guys. I will be coming to the summit, just a short drive from Austin where I am currently living.

  • Woo! I got a mention. I’m famous now, right? Holla atcha girl! But my url is, because I can’t NOT correct you.

    Great job chica. I’d definitely love to see more RV work life on your youtube. It’s kinda your thing and that other stuff, like wow! Look where I was, is not fun to watch, imo. Unless you’re LJMJ, but that might be because they’re a family of 3 and so am I. Also, Tennessee accents. Anyway, working in the rv, how you’re building your businesses, I would 100% watch that.

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