RVE 77: How Much is Your Time Worth?

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Last year I did something that felt incredibly nerve racking. I hired someone to help me edit this podcast, even though it was making zero dollars.

It wasn’t a life changing amount of money, but it created a huge shift in our business. I’d been struggling to consistently post episodes on time because I was spending all my time editing the show (something I didn’t enjoy doing). I calculated that by hiring an editor, I would save 20 hours per month.

The idea was to use those 20 extra hours and see how much revenue I could bring in, if I wasn’t focused on editing.

The goal? Cover the costs of hiring a podcast editor.

The result? Not only did I end up paying for my editor’s time, but over the next six months the downloads for The RV Entrepreneur more than tripled. We’ve published a podcast every week during 2017 and we’ve since brought on Kelsey (editor) to help us with additional projects.

This was my first big lesson in understanding the value of my time and how I can work with others to be more impactful in our business.

In today’s episode I sat down with my friend Charles Gupton to talk about finding the value of your time and knowing your value proposition when talking with clients. Charles is a photographer, storyteller, videographer, and farmer in North Carolina.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • How does your work differentiate from other people in the market?
  • Outsourcing, automation, and the value of your time
  • Health insurance on the road
  • Why you need a strong financial runway

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