RVE 74: Why Blogging is a Terrible Business

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Everyone loves to talk about building a profitable blog or “finding your niche”, but rarely do we talk about the less sexy side of blogging.

We don’t talk about how it takes years and years of practice or why most people fail at it.

In this episode I talk about why blogging is a terrible business.

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12 Responses

  • I actually really appreciated listening to this honest mini-podcast by Heath. I’ve started several blogs over the years but never really stuck with any of them. My goal was not necessarily to make money but perhaps more to share my opinion and then maybe I wouldn’t be alone in my thinking. The advice to provide value is paramount. Otherwise, why would anyone take the time? Thanks Heath, keep up the great work! -Kevin

  • A great podcast. Very honest.
    You mentioned a couple of other money making skills: web site design and videography?
    I know this is a loaded subject, but can you recommend some more lucrative side hustles? Many thanks. I enjoy your email newsletter.
    Someday I will take the plunge into full-time RVing.

    • Virtual assistants can make good money if you know what you’re doing. I do a little editing for people before they publish blog posts. It’s not a ton of money, but I enjoy it. Freelance writing if you can write.
      I’d just go through the RVE archives and look to see if one subject pops out at you.

      What types of things are you interested in? What are you crazy good at? Ask yourself questions like that and then do some research as to how to make money in that way online. Good luck and if you want to brainstorm, I love talking to people on what they can do to make money creatively. Personally, I have my website and am working towards creating funny ebooks for people as passive income. I love to tell jokes and write. It seems perfect. I also love running and just held my first race. Both are entirely different but I am working hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t before I hit the road full-time in about a year!

    • Hm, that’s a good question. I know Chris Guillebeau launched a podcast earlier this year called Side Hustle school, that’s a resource I would for sure check out to get some ideas. Other than web design & videography — developing, consulting, photography… I think the caveat is that it’s mostly lucrative once you’ve spent quite a bit of time building those skills. It’s also possible to spend a butt load of time building up skills in an area that is not known to be as profitable. <– just me saying the same thing a bunch of times. It's been a long week already.

  • Heath- Amen. So many people are just doing the same thing. The standouts are unique and have something of value. Great podcast!

  • Hi – loved this post – really helps to emphasize that this is not a get rich business and you may have to pour countless hours into your site before you can reap the benefits – its more a labor of love – especially in the beginning – so many people have great ideas for a blog/podcast but unrealistic expectations

  • Cracking me up about paying for a logo when no one is even reading and the online marketers… I hate looking at most other blogs and sites because they all look and feel the same, in EVERY niche it seems. With every post I put out, email, facebook post, Instagram picture I ask “How is this different than what my niche is doing so I can stand out?”

    And don’t even get me started about blogging about blogging.

    I am working so hard to make my website different. I know my writing is really good, but I know that isn’t all I need to do. Thanks for the reminder about the consistency. Dang, that is the hardest thing for me. I don’t have a full-time job, but only having 3 hours during the day to work on this unless I want to get up at 4am or stay up til midnight is a challenge.

    I also love writing and love the community I am a part of and creating myself. I love writing funny stuff and telling jokes. People seem to respond well to it also. People I haven’t met feel like the closest friends, and it’s all from my site, from me just giving it my best and offering any advice I can or a listening ear. I’m sure you and Alyssa know how great that feels.

    Thanks for the realistic pep talk. I agree, it is helpful more than hurtful.

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