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RVE 64: How to Find Companies Who Will Pay You to Travel

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Today on the podcast, I am interviewing Cees and Madison from Ourvie.com.  Last year, I brought Cees and Madison on the show to talk about their 59 national park journey.  They wrapped up the majority of the trip before they stopped to have their little baby Theo.

A few things we talk about on this episode:

  • How to get sponsors to help fund the travel lifestyle
  • Using Instagram to network with other travelers on the road
  • Best practices for working with sponsors and creating partnerships
  • Is sponsorships feasible for people without an audience or viable for a long-term income

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Links mentioned on this episode:

Quotes from this episode:

“I believe it’s possible for anyone to jump into this world.   When we started, we didn’t have a massive following on any social platform.”

“The sky’s the limit when coming up with trip ideas.  Whatever your interest is, you could match it with anything.  There are a thousand companies for every interest.”

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10 Responses

  • Heath & Alyssa,

    Thanks so much for interviewing Cees and Madison (and ALL of your podcast members). My wife, Melissa and I have learned a lot by listening over the past year or so. This interview really struck me, since we are looking to gain sponsorships as well as finding adventure companies to sponsor us by allowing us to film, interview and play with them during an adventure.

    We hope to see you in person at the next Summit or before.

    Wishing you and all of your listeners (and guests) the best,

    Michael & Melissa

    • Thanks Michael! Glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully we can see you at the next Summit!

  • Good podcast, they seem like a great couple and love their blog name. I saw you linked on Michelle’s blog today too. So busy bees. Thanks for the content of sponsorship that is good info to have. To be prepared, be yourself and take risks.

  • Another good podcast! Along a similar line, you may want to consider an interview with any number of YouTube vloggers that utilize Patreon to supplement/finance their rv lifestyle. The number of them seems to be growing almost exponentially week to week and I’m sure you could find an interesting Youtuber willing to be interviewed and explain their thinking/process with how they designate what to use the funds for (e.g. replace client based work, finance travel/stays, purchase/maintain certain gear, etc.).

    • Hey! We’ve actually interviewed Less Junk, More Journey and the Freedom Theory about their youtube channels. You can check those out on episodes 47 & 58.

      • I will re-listen to them; … but I’m not sure either had joined and/or began promoting a Patreon link at the time of their interviews so the subject wasn’t touched on (???)

        • Hm not sure, I’d have to go listen to them. In general we don’t promote “e-beggar” strategies since the podcast is focused on entrepreneurship and building a sustainable business.

    • Yikes thanks for letting me know! Apparently the whole system is down. We’re looking into it! But you can also listen on iTunes 🙂 https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/rv-entrepreneur-heath-padgett/id1085300491?mt=2

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